The ART and WAR on MEDITATION. / Navigating BY Resistance.



A girlfriend contacted me a while ago to write a post about meditation.
She asks….

”What is up with knowing meditation will help reduce the chaos and increase the clarity and energy, but still not being able to make it part of my day.”

Well…. that’s a big question.

And it’s a big question because of this
Meditation is so personal.
And sometimes, that is precisely the answer to the question.

We avoid the intimacy of sitting with ourselves, because of what may be revealed.

Let me share with you a personal story….

After a long time of ignoring and doing my best to blindly shut off my intuitive and perceptive abilities, I was internally urged to re-connect with it again. I was hitting rock bottom personally, although doing my best to ensure my veneer was thick.

Whilst chilling with mySelf was something I yearned for as a young mother, I was pretty pleased I didn’t have a lot of time to be what I classed as “indulgent”. I could produce an endless list of excuses as to why I had no time to meditate, or do an activity that meant accessing my inner worlds.

Time went on, and the internal urge to meditate upped the ante from a whisper to a scream.
And guess what, Mr Resistance stepped up and matched that ante.
Swordfights were had…. I was the winner in this instance.
Finally, one day I committed. I carved out some time for me, and all matter of things occurred in that session.
I realised how much I had neglected my Soul.
How hungry I was to be fed by the things that I am gifted at, and the activities, the people, the learning of new knowledge that nourished, inspired and got my heart racing.
But mostly, I realised how LARGELY I had been living on auto-pilot.
It was a “Fuck” moment.



At first I felt ashamed of my Self. My tail was most definitely between my legs. But I knew too that it was an opportunity, a fork in the road.
A time to make a choice.
Let me add….. Mr Resistance, was NOT happy, and my awesome array of Inner Critics tried to have a field day with my new revelations.

I had forgotten how good I tasted and now was ravenous to explore, remember (Re-Member) and unveil what was mine.

So I went back.
I meditated when it felt right with me. I went through weeks and months of connecting daily, and sometimes weeks and months would pass when I would barely toss meditation a thought.

What I had learnt, or at least was learning, that paying attention to the inner nudges served me. And so rather than setting up a regimented routine, I just flowed.

7 years on, from my first “scary” highly resisted Meditation, I do it every day.
The experience of Centredness, Clarity and Calm is what it provides, and I am grateful for that.
And I am pretty sure, my children, family, friends and previous workplaces benefit the 15-20 minutes I take each morning.

Magic comes with Meditation too.

So does resistance.


Resistance IS your FRIEND!

You know the old saying, keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.
Well, the Big R falls into both these categories.

He, and his sneaky, cheeky, devilish ways is not so subtle if you get to know him. Making Resistance one of the easiest ways to recognise something of value and importance to you and your growth.

But you already knew that right?
He looks a bit like this….

He is a repelling force.

He aims to distract, and prevent us from doing our work.

He will have you making excuses.

He will elicit emotions to create uncertainty and fear.

He doesn’t mess about, he targets our genius, our soul.

He feels like a low grade misery that, if allowed will infiltrate most area’s of your life.

He never sleeps…. there will never be a time in your life when he no longer hangs around.


In Steven Pressfields book “Do the Work” he writes, “Any act that rejects immediate gratification in favour of long -term growth, health or integrity. Or any act that derives from our higher nature instead of our lower, will elicit Resistance.”

You got that? BOOM.

No need to contemplate any longer as to ______________ (fill the blank) is in your best interest. The fact that there is Resistance to it, most likely means it is .
So, back to Meditation…. (or whatever it is that is trying to drag you lovingly from within, while your heels are dug in like a stubborn and resistant mule. Wink wink.)


Honour yourSelf.
Honour your judgement.
Seek out what is seeking you. You can hear it, it’s calling you from yonder!
You Do know how to do it, you may just do it in your own way, in your own time.
Relax, It doesn’t have to be complicated.
Just one step at a time….

Cosmic Love to you.
Lauren x



2 Comments to “The ART and WAR on MEDITATION. / Navigating BY Resistance.”

  1. Great start to this morning.
    That has shaken a few bolts loose up there.
    Old Mate Resistance is scrambling around knocking things over shouting for help.
    Nervously sticking my hand up, wondering what life might look like if I had the courage to turn resistance into my friend, my pointer and a guide..

    I love the quote about un-becoming.

  2. Andrew, you are so on to this! Watch that little sucker scramble as you and your decisions and choices shift. I bet the Big R will elicit a scoff or full belly laugh outta you as you watch him fluff about frantically. And, I love that quote also. It feels so right and real hey. :)

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