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Did you know, in the US the percentage of college students rating “developing a meaningful life philosophy” as very important, declined from 80% in 1968 to 40% in the late 1990’s. And those rating “being very well off financially” rose from 40% to 74% by 1986. (Source: G. Cross, A New Consumerism.)


Whoa Nelly!


Whilst those are dated stats, currently, Australia sits at 69th on the Happiness index. With the top five countries being Costa Rica, Vietnam, Jamaica, Belize and Indonesia. Our sister country New Zealand sits pretty at 24th, and the USA comes in just after Ethiopia, yes ETHIOPIA(!!!!) at 104th out of 151 countries.


So, what makes a “meaningful life philosophy”?
Well, I think that we are our own judge of that, and our internal guidance system will let us know of whether we’re in alignment or not.
According to psychologist, Tim Kasser, author of The High Price of Materialism, he believes we humans require “psychological nutrients” that fall into three categories to survive and thrive.
The need for Safety, Security and Sustenance, the need for Competence, Efficacy and Self-esteem and the need for Connectedness, Autonomy and Authenticity.


The need for Safety, Security and Sustenance.

It’s about food on the table, a roof over our heads and clothes on our backs. I’m taking a wild stab in the dark, but if you’re sitting reading this, Im guessing you check all those boxes. Safety, Security and Sustenance is linked to our Fight and Flight mechanism and related to our lower chakra’s, especially our base chakra.


The need for Competence, Efficacy and Self-esteem,

So, this is all about knowing and experiencing our skills and gifts and being of service, which is also recognised. Our sacral, and solar plexus chakra’s are directly linked to this aspect of life and our relationship to it.


And finally, the need for Connectedness, Autonomy and Authenticity. 

This is what this big old blood orange lunar eclipse is about.

Pursuing activities that interest and challenge us, where we are able to express and experience ourselves and the world we sit within.
It’s about walking away from the stuff that is no longer serving us personally, and making alternations in how we participate within our current social, political and environmental cultural context. Its about being the voice, whether that is literally speaking out, or doing it though our choices and actions. We are now ready to pour the concrete slab for our new universal foundation.

And its up to you, and me. People power!




This kind of “psychological nutrient” is directly linked to our higher chakra’s, the heart in particular, but also the throat and third eye chakras. And that’s because, we are energetically evolving, seeing through the veil of consumerism, materialism and the sweet soggy bread of propaganda the media feeds us.

Its wake up time. And we are indeed waking up.


So, here maybe on this powerful lunar eclipse, you can take time out to consider, reflect, tweak or develop a richer connection with your personal “life philosophy”, maybe even using the three “psychological nutrient” categories as a guide.


Here’s some ideas and questions to ponder on that fall under each banner…..
Safety, Security, Sustenance.

Grow your own food. Get that veggie patch rocking again, grounding you in your home, connecting you to Mother earth and your bellies for sustenance.

* Getting involved in your local community, shopping locally, developing a sense of belonging that extends outside your normal scope.

* Becoming more in tune with your own internal rhythm. Taking the time to listen to your body, and your internal guidance system for the  development of personal safety and security – intuitively eating, exercising, resting, working playing.

* Connecting with nature, spending time to notice the change of seasons, the moon cycles, how differently the mornings feel from the evenings.

We are but children in a beautiful playground, lets get back to looking at the world through these eyes.

* What would be the word that describes your personal foundation? How does this word feel to you?

* Is there a preferred foundation that wishes to emerge? What word would you use to describe this preferred foundation?

* Is there a daily/weekly/regular practise that would support the preferred emerging foundation?




Competence, efficacy and self-esteem

* Carving out time to immerse ourselves in our art. Research that stuff that intrigues the bejeezers out of you!

* Offering our skills, gifts and talents, especially the ones we don’t use in our “day job” to our family, friends, neighbours, community. We are more than just our job description, and our sense of worth and how we experience ourselves needs to be experienced and celebrated by ourselves first and foremost! So, bake that cake you are awesome at and leave it on your neighbours step, write that email offering your skills and time to a community event.

* Pick up the instrument you used to play, draw one evening instead of watching television, practise, practise, practise something that you love and take note of your developing skill. Notice how you feel when you are partaking in these activities, they are signposts to your Soul.


* When do you feel vibrant, electric, powerful and most alive?

* What are your wildest, deeply sacred, most audaciously thrilling dreams? How can you experience those dreams crumb by crumb to feed your soul on a regular basis?

* How and where are you getting your inspiration from? And is this something that is important to you?

* How and where are you holding yourself back?




Connectedness, Autonomy and Authenticity.

* Taking the time to connect with your Self in your own way. This may be through meditation, pounding the pavement as dawn breaks, creating that meal that encompasses your heart, writing, drawing, painting, playing, gardening. Whatever it may be, begin to hone your focus and attention to what is calling you, so you are able to experience and know your self at the depths mermaids swim at, where the water is calm, cool and quiet.


* Express your Authencity! In any which way… the more varied the better, I say. :)

* Connect the dots. Notice, feel and experience the connection and relationship you have to all things. Literally, have a relationship with everything you come across. This cultivates presence, awareness and the realisation of just how supported we are.

* When do you feel the most free and expansive?

* How does the Essence of You wish to be expressed? What activity can you participate in on a regular basis that would support this?

* How do you listen to and follow the guidance of your Heart? Is this something you do in your daily choices and decisions? How do you think it would create change in your life if you did?


So, my beautiful wild hearts, the lunar eclipse begins around 5.30pm ending around 6.30pm, making for a perfect picnic adventure with your tribe.


Why not get outside and connect with this amazing place we call home.

Lunar love to you,

Loz x



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