April Overview! With love from the Stars….

Living With Soul


Stuff is about to get real!

And it’s exciting.

Here’s a heads up on what to expect in this beautiful raw and wild month of April! It’s all about Transformation. Healing. Love. And the Crumbling of the old and the Welcoming of the New.

Once April has come to a close, the old energy will be out the door and the New energy we’ve been talking about for years now will be here.Yay! Regardless of whether you are able to sense it in tangible ways or not, we are swimming in a whole new pond folks! So check out my silly face on the video blog if you’re after a quick overview.

I know it sounds a touch nuts to be talking with Guides and chatting about Earth receiving energetic upgrades, but if we can keep our minds open to the possibility that Earth is part of a larger “Body” that is continuously growing, and the energetic “upgrades” are like hormones, being activated, say like an adolescent going through puberty for an analogy, then it may not seem so wild.


So, here’s whats happening for you. One of my Guides ever so gently and reassuringly wished for you to hear this.

There is an internal quickening occurring. Our deep desires are resurfacing which are either going to cause you discomfort in your internal and external world or your deep desires will create a passionate zest, resurgence and re-ignition within. Either way, this month is all about re-alignment and re-calibration for you to march forward with.

Regardless of how you’re feeling during the month of April, both experiences are equal. One is not better than the other. No one enjoys the upheaval of old emotional wounds or plans running off the rails. But if we can ground our perspective in one of acceptance, openness and love then we will be able to ride the wave of uncomfortability or rock the re-ignition of focus and inspiration into the next phase of our paths.

So…. If you are finding that you’re experiencing a sense of overwhelm, anxiety, stress, emotional upheaval and plans fumbling and crumbling, can I give you a big hug, and say it’s okay. If you need to vent, stamp your feet, and cry. Im here with you for that too. I get it. It’s shit.

Can I take the risk and share with you what’s going on. Cause right now, even though it may not look like it, ALOT is happening to cause these discomforts. And the paradox is, these emotional upheavals and pain in the arse planning failures are actually the Universe supporting you.

I get it if you want to punch the screen right now. I do. Just hear me out. Or come back to this post when the storm is over. I will still be here.


If that’s where you’re at, here are the cards that were pulled in the company of my Guide, along with his insight around what’s going on for you.

Letting Go….

So you’re beyond tired, you feel emotionally exhausted, maybe a touch disconnected and the fail safe plans you have been making seem to be more fails than safe. If you’ve arrived to this place or are experiencing even a touch of this, the message to support you through April and the new energetic upgrades is this.

Let it Go. Hand it over to the Universe. Surrender. Release your burdens, your worries, the weight of your responsibilities over to the Universe, knowing that they are going to be taken care of.

We have been conditioned and programmed to believe that our little brains have to work 24/ 7 to figure everything out. We don’t sleep cause our minds are ticking. We worry excessively. Our health declines as does our experience of happiness, joy and contentment.

You know what, all this planning is the job of the Higher Self. Yep. You are not just your physical body and mind, this is only a portion of Who you Are. And if you can allow yourself to open up to that possibility and hand over all those big heavy bags of “must figure this out” “fix this” “push harder for that,” then automatically you are going to feel lighter.

I wont pretend, it’s tricky to do this, especially when we have been raised to believe that we have to control and plan everything out. But I want to whole heartedly, reassuringly say to you, we don’t. And if you can just Let Go a little, magic will happen.


This card supports the first card, Letting Go. It’s permission slip you are encouraged to take and use to sit in your muddy puddle and be sad, angry, frustrated, whatever you wanna name it. But to do it in a conscious way. Choose to have a tanty, a cry, a bitch fest for a period of time and then pack up that shop and move forward.

It is healthy, very very healthy to express and release our emotions and frustrations for the things we are processing or grieving, as part of the healing process. However, lets not stay there. So, take some time for you. Time for you is not selfish, it is self love. And we are unable to love, support and be of service to others if we arent doing it for ourselves.

So carve out some time. Maybe even create a nice little modern day ritual for the expression of yourSelf and where you are at and then hand it all over.


This is actually symbolic of seed sowing, tending to your garden, sinking in to your Self and your place within the World. My Guide says that it’s about honouring your needs and heeding them. You know that little loving and supportive voice that is forever whispering all matters of golden wisdom to you? Well it’s time to listen to it more! You may feel after you have “Let Go” that there is an empty space. Well lovely, sit within that space, for before long, you will swimming in sparkly rays of inspiration and insight that will guide you forward. Just give it time and go easy.

It will be okay. You are being nurtured and cared for. Beautiful things are about to unfurl for you. You are within the winter of your cycle. Spring is only moments around the corner.

Now, for you little groovers that are shimmying on rainbows. How bloody cool for you! Enjoy every second of it!

You feel up! You feel inspired by life, you feel connected to your Soul, your desires, your passions and the deep insight and clarity that you’re gleaming through the cosmos have you focused in a way that is light, creative and energetic. Yarhoo for you!

Here’s a bit of gold for you to run and weave with.

Slow Down….

Sounds a touch counter productive I know. But the message is this…
Take your inspiration seriously. Those little glimmers of gold around your next move, creative pursuit, new endeavour, daily habit, routine, or personal insight deserve a little kudo’s. So, do whatever works for you, just slow the mind, and sit with the inspiration and tease it out, it’s the Universe setting you up. So write it down and then follow where it leads.

The Master….

When you are taking the time to act on and set in motion those glimmers of golden inspiration, you are experiencing yourself as The Creator of your Self and your life.

And can there be anything more beautiful and balanced than that? Being plugged in to Source, grounded in your Self and magnetically attracting and creating what is within.

Hells No!… I sure cannot think of anything more tantalising!

The world really is your oyster. Stress and pressure fall away, with flow and synchronicity moving in. You will feel different, stuff will accelerate and your personal vibrations will be pitching home runs! So wild hearts, enjoy being in the fast lane.

And finally… The Outsider…

You’re doing it. You’re in the flow. You are the Magic. And you’ve come to realise that You have only ever been the person who has held you back. You are so damn bold and powerful. This may be a time where you gather deeper insight around your outdated beliefs and programming which may have previously prevented you from moving forward and sliced them with a knife. High five! You’re metaphysical tool belt is ever growing and you are soaring over the road blocks you once stumbled upon as though you’ve sculled a can of Red Bull. You’ve realised, that you were never the Outsider, you just believed you were. And Power lies within Belief.



So, Free spirits, April is a fire cracker of colourful explosions, energetic shifts and astro alignments that are unlocking and opening us up to grander visions and allowing us to see the larger potentialities and possibilities within ourSelves and others. We are seeing through our current circumstances, along with our social, environmental and political structures and envisaging new, more harmonious pathways and standing up, stepping out to re-create them.

Gosh, can you feel the magical power behind that. What we previously could not see, or believe was possible, we now can.

We are here.

Party time!

Love to you lot
Loz x





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