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So, the other day I wrote a post about our uniqueness.

That there really is no one that has ever, or will ever exist that is exactly like you. So then why are we so eager to push down our uniqueness? And what actually makes you qualified to be You.

I’ve been pondering this thought since I was chasing lizards around paddocks as a child. Its a big thought to ponder on, and one that we can only ever come to our own answer about. No doubt our answer will shift, grow and evolve over time, as they should. But here are some of my thoughts about it.

Be the best You you can be. – This is pretty much the only thing my Guides as a whole ever encourage me to continue towards. Sounds simple in writing, but sometimes doing this is the hardest part! I am hoping you can relate.

You know, the times you’ve been faced with making a choice between being You and being something someone else wants you to be. And usually we all automatically feel the incongruence in our bodies if we choose the latter. You know it, it feels a bit like;

– An uncomfortability. As though you’ve put on an itchy sweater, or jeans that are too tight.
– Like you are being boxed in to something.
– A feeling of settling for second best.
– Or the inner knowing that you’re choosing to play small for the sake of someone else’s security, safety and comfort, and at the expense of your own.




What about those Internal Whispers? – So you’re walking your talk and really sinking into your groove. It’s comfortable, it’s predictable and it fits like a glove. Then you’re soul starts to stir, and the internal whispers turn up a notch, urging you to propel forward and be even more of who you are already.


Wholly Whack! This shakes things up doesn’t it!


For the past 6-12 months the growing number of people coming to me for readings around this kind of forward propulsion is rapidly increasing, and boy does it get me excited! It also encourages and propels me forward in embracing more of who I am too. So thanks for that!

Stuff is changing.  We can all feel it. As a whole we are becoming more open to the idea of energy and vibration. We are beginning to take greater personal responsibility for our thoughts and actions, we are beginning to give our planet a voice, and stand up for the injustices of humanity. We are asking questions, we are seeking connection and wishing to live from our hearts more. We are evolving as a planet and as a species. We are shifting, and looking to experience the richness we know ourSelves already to be.

And it’s scary and exhilarating…… because we are Human and we are spiritual beings at the same time. And as humans we long to “fit in” to find our tribe and to feel safe in knowing that who we are is loved and accepted. We have worn the itchy sweater to “fit in” because we wish to belong. Yet in our denial of our uniqueness, we feel everything but belonging. We worry, what will our family think? Our children, our friends, our co-workers, if we were to say no to how they want us to be, and step it up, or step out entirely and actually Be who we were born to be.

Gosh, doing that would make’s us “crazy” right?




Well…. hasn’t all great change occurred by someone who has been brave enough, “crazy” enough, to step out and go against the grain? And aren’t we in times of rapid change, where we are needing each one of us to be the change we wish to see in the world?

This is the exhilarating part, to have the courage to step more and more into ourSelves, despite the fear. To express our own exquisite uniqueness and way of Be-ing and to share it with the world.

I want to re-assure you of this…

You chose your family as part of your contract here, just as your children have chosen, or will choose you! And your children have chosen you for You, and all of who you can Be in your entirety. Even if it seems a little crazy and means going against the grain. If you are not being yourSelf, than you’re not being the mother/father/parent/guardian/ friend/lover they chose to have a soul contract with. So why not really BE You, rather than who you think everyone else wants you to be.

Your tribe will turn up. The old will fall away and the new will seep in, and it will happen naturally and organically. Chance meetings will occur and stuff will just “click”. Just trust in your internal guidance system. It’s in-built for a reason.

And as for your purpose… Well your purpose is this. Be yourSelf as best you can be. How you do this is not your purpose, it is only an expression of yourself. Choosing to be the best You, you can be is your purpose. So stop stressing about not having discovered your “thing” yet. Enjoy who you are. Love who you are. Make time for you, like you make time for your best friend. Because you know what….. You’re never going to have a friend like the one you have in yourSelf.


Lotta love to ya.
Lauren x


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