To Take a Risk…. Why I have Quit my Job.

Living With Soul


So I quit my job.

Yep. A tad crazy huh. I’ve really gone and done it.

I have three children. A house. Bills. And I quit my job.

Here’s a little background….

I’ve worked in the Community Services Sector now on and off (between having children) for the past 10 years. I spent 2 years in a Remote Aboriginal community ( an island actually) in the Northern Territory as a community worker up there. The people and the landscape cracked open my heart and sung my spirit out further than it had even been previously. I learnt about our Australian heritage and our Indigenous Culture through  ceremonies, women’s business, Spirit and the Rainbow Serpent. I bathed daily in creeks, ate fish freshly caught and cooked on the beach, narrowly missed crocs and sat in circle with women who spoke english as their second language. I was home in the red dirt and the salty ocean. And I fell pregnant.

I birthed baby number one at home in Brisbane, my Earth Boy, in my now kitchen with a midwife I will never forget.

I went back to work at Centrelink and the Child Support Agency.

Then my Sea Fairy was born at home in my bedroom. She is like a mermaid, with flowing strawberry blonde hair and the sparkle of crushed diamonds.

I Youth worked, where these kids filled me with love, and courage and passion for their stories are all our stories in some way or another.

And then finally along came my Forest Warrior, with the heart of a lion and a mane of curly wild hair to match, coming to me on 09.09.09 at home. In a dream months before her birth date was foretold to me.


My journey has included all sorts of extremes….

Relationship breakdowns.

Domestic violence.

Supporting others through alcohol and drug use.

Being so far away from my Self that I felt as though I was floating in a vast cold ocean.

I had shut down my intuitive abilities years before.

I had shut down my connection to Spirit


That was all I had left.

I went back to study. My heart started to whisper.

I remembered I loved music and so I devoured it like a woman who had not eaten.

I remember that the Mountains and fresh water creeks cleansed my Soul.

And I allowed my Guidance and Intuitive abilities to again enter my Heart.

My lips were at a constant upward curl, even when I was crying.

A gentle gust of “wind” was at my back, the Universe was gently guiding me forth, synchronicities continued to spring from the ground like dandelions for me to breathe life into.

And my life became about Magic and Soul. I was Remembering.

Actually, I was Re-Member-ing.


I officially, albeit nail bitingly nervously began to strength my psychic abilities which returned rapidly and stronger than ever. I meditated daily, I worked with energy and light, I worked with my chakra’s, my Guides and with Sacred geometry. I saw things. I knew things and people started to come.

I can tap into your Essence, and share with you what you already know, but you just need to hear.

As a child I would see “ghosts” and my skin would prickle with goosebumps and my eyes would tear up. Not because I was scared, but because I was closer to Spirit, the veil between worlds was thin and the downloading of information would just flow.

In readings now, this is still so. My eyes well and my skin shivers with the excitement of the Divine. And Oh, the feeling is sublime.

Two years ago I was “told” to contact an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Organisation who provides Family Support. I now work within the community, alongside schools, heath and Child Safety. I have the honour and privilege to walk into homes where people share with me their lives, their strengths and their challenges. They allow me to walk alongside them, where I watch them grow and change and more often than not choose to once again turn their faces towards the Sun.

Again, these people have cracked open my Heart and sung my Spirit out further than it’s ever been. My gratitude is ginormous.


And so here I am, at a cross roads again.

You may ask why I am leaving a job I love so much?

Why am I leaving a job with no stable income to count on?

And my answer is this….. because I have to listen.

Because I spent nearly 10 years of not listening and with each time I shut my Soul out.  I drifted further and further from my Self with life circumstances to match.

In my meditations I have been shown things that make my heart rush like nothing else.

My Guides have been and continue to encourage and support me.

Furiously, yet with such ease and grace they are working away in the background, co-creating with me, or me with them, setting things up so I can step into this new place.

And now they are just waiting.

Well, honestly, they have been waiting for a little while.

For me to jump. Off that cliff’s edge.

So they can catch me or so I can grow wings.


I am here by your side.

To whisper softly in your ear so you re-member (with) Who You Are.

My job right now is to support those of you who are ready to re-connect with your Soul, in amping up the volume of Life – Your life.

So you can create one filled with Modern Day Magic.

Where you can Expand, experience Freedom, and feel the Love that surrounds you at all times.

I understand difficulties, stuck-ness, fear.

I also know what it’s like to leave all of it behind and walk back into the light.

I know how it feels to search for something deeper, more joyous, more fulfilling and then to simply, yet courageously BE that.

And I know how it feels to know that you are here for something important, to create and give and express.

So that’s why I have quite my job.

Because I am listening.

Because in doing so I already feel more Expansive.

Because right now, I am here to serve others in their Inner growth, with their Inner Hues.

In practical ways with spiritual tools for every day life.

I quit my job because I Trust.

Trust that the Universe knows what it’s doing. And that flowing down stream is much easier than fighting it.

And if all else fails….

I trust that the next thing will fall into place just as it should.

Much love to you.


Lauren x


7 Comments to “To Take a Risk…. Why I have Quit my Job.”

  1. Goodness me, I feel like I am a little further behind you in my journey to re-member who I am. My soul is very lost. I guess that is why I am I joined the Bright Eyed Blog Hearted course. Thank you for sharing this … brave lady :)

    • Gayle, thank you. :) And you will re-member. And if you ever need any support it would be my honour. Yay for the bright eyed and blog hearted workshop! X

  2. I haven’t figured out what my spiritual mission is yet but I’m working on it and I have spiritual guides helping me along the way…fuw, I said it out loud. Thank you for sharing your essence..

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