Chakra Love! All about your Base Chakra and How to Work with It.

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Hello, and WOW, it’s the 2nd of March already!

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks, with intense universal energies and planetary alignments causing all sorts of discomforts Spiritually, Energetically, Emotionally and Physically creating one hell-of-a transformative period.

If you are feeling a little worse for wear, it’s okay, and it’s purposefully, do your best to roll with it and self care to ease you back into alignment.  Your energy body has had a bit of a shake up, and the possible emotional and mental circus-ing or just general lack lustre you have been feeling has been a universal clear out to make way and room for what’s to come.

Resist it, or roll with it.

There was a New Moon last night too,to mark the end of the Mercury Retrograde (which was a contributing factor to all the mayhem.) A new moon is a powerful time to “plant seeds” of intention and to “shed skins” emerging with clarity, focus and re-newed energy, which is why I felt it would be useful to run through the Chakra’s, starting with the Base Chakra to support you in really grounding down, strengthening your ability to be able to action and attract that which supports your intentions.

Plus – we are three months into the year!

And so, checking in with where our Heart, our desires, and using our core feelings which originate deep within, making themselves known when we take the time to listen.

Core feelings are directly linked to our desires and our chakra’s. The more you partake in activities that have your core feelings engaged the more you experience your Soul and the more you are being lead from that place. We begin to make feeling good a priority! And when we do that, everything changes. Who we are reveals more of itself which spills out changing our individual lives, which spills out changing our family, our community, our social structures and systems. This is how we become the solution. This is how we effect and create change.


So the Base Chakra……

Its located at the base of the spine. All chakra’s are shaped like a funnel and are like spinning wheels of energy. They all have a colour, which is also a frequency that can be measured in Hz. (Base chakra vibrates at 396 Hz) The base chakra is red.

So visualise now red, it could be cherry red, apple red, blood red, fire engine red or an earthy red, the colour that resonates with you is the colour that your Base Chakra is.

The Base Chakra’s foundation is linked with our soul’s desires and our core feelings around Safety and Security and how we are able to achieve this in our lives.

The Universal Law of the Base Chakra is – “I AM always Safe and Secure” as we are spiritual beings having a human experience, therefore, spiritually we are always safe and secure.

This chakra is strongly linked to our ability to ground and connect to the Earth, which naturally draws all our bodies (etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual bodies) to centre and integrate. When we are feeling “clear headed” and “present” we are strongly grounded, and of course if we are foggy, feeling like we are floating or unable to gather our thoughts, grounding our base chakra is a good place to start.


The Base Chakra receives it’s basic programming from our family, which programs foundational beliefs around Safety and Security and how this is achieved, regardless of whether it is achieved in a healthy or unhealthy manner.

Programming and the information that is stored within the Base Chakra is cyclic and can be intergenerational if blockages and unhealthy programming are not cleared. So it’s a good place to start when you are making conscious co-creative decisions about your life.

The Base Chakra also acts as a hoist to “pull down” your creative forces and energy, making visible the invisible. By this I mean, that all our energy layers, and our chakra’s “talk” with one another, they have specific roles and tasks, store specific information, yet are all linked and necessary for you to create powerfully. Just like our physical body and it’s organs, while we have individual organs, they are all connected and perform roles that support each other. Same goes for chakra’s.

The emotions that are linked to the Base Chakra are primal emotions, such as Rage, Passion, deep seated Anger, terror and survival energy. Considering we have just experienced a big universal energy shake – up, you may have found yourself in a place personally that could be linked to these primal emotions.


To work with this Chakra and to do a little clearing I suggest that you grab a pen and paper and find yourself a nice little spot to plob uninterrupted for as long as you can possible manage. (I know it’s tricky for the Mumma’s out there, just do your best rather than do nothing, if you feel drawn to partake in this activity.)

Get yourSelf comfy and begin to take deep rhythmic breaths.

Next, I want you to feel your central energy column that runs directly next to your spine. All your chakra’s feed into this, as does the universe.

Now, specifically focus your attention on the area that is between your legs (easy to feel into and locate if you are sitting cross legged I find.) What colour red is it, is it dirty, foggy, running slow, running fast, small and thin in size or very large.

Do not over think, just freely allow yourSelf to receive the answers, trust that you KNOW what optimum health looks like for your Base chakra. It is unique to you and you only. If not notice that it requires attention, ask what needs to be addressed first and how you can go about doing it Spiritually / Energetically and Practically/Physically.


Emotions and/or specific life events that could be present now, or stem from prior experiences and events may rise and create discomfort. Whilst discomfort may be, well, uncomfortable, it is actually there to support you and provide, what I call a “Power Tool” for you to harness and then work with. Behind every powerful “negative” emotion is a  powerful transformative one.

Answer the following…

My Base Chakra is (what colour, eg, tomato) Red.

It appears…. (describe how it is looking)

It is linked to these………….. emotions, feelings, physical sensations that I have been experiencing.

It is linked to old programming around………… (and identify whether that programming or beliefs still support and align with you now, or if they are out dated.

I am able to support my Base Chakra Spiritually/Energetically by…….. ( allow yourself to receive an answer here.)

I am able to support my Base Chakra Practically/Physically by………… (allow yourself to receive an answer here.)

Now I would like you to direct light into down through your Crown chakra (located at the top of your head, a baby’s “soft spot” is) through your energy column into your base chakra and have it extend down deep into the earth like a tunnel or roots extending from you. You will probably begin to feel a warm nourishing earthy sensation flow back up into your body after a while.


When you are ready, take note of how your Base Chakra appears now, and notice any changes, take note of how you are also feeling emotionally and mentally too. Practically, you may wish to support this chakra by specifically spending time outside in a favourite nature spot, to eat root vegetables, and red fruit and set aside time as often as you need to doing activities directly related to what you link to your safety and security (financially, academically, emotionally,) that make your core feelings and desires sing. 

So, that’s the starting place for working with your Base Chakra. Trust yourSelf, the wisdom that arises, the information and insight you receive and the guidance you are given. You are the expert of You and your Soul – no one else is. Which will also mean, you will know how often you need to spend time in Base Chakra exploring.

You are beautiful. You are unique. And you are here for a purpose.

Sunday Lovin to you.

:) Lauren x



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