Why don’t we just Bring it ALL to the Table.

Living With Soul


Life should be a daring adventure right?

I mean, that’s what we’re told.

But it’s what we feel right deep inside of us too isn’t it? Glimmering in the corners, whispering for us to grow, to be daring, to explore wildly and create from our heart.

Do you feel that? In fleeting moments or in great bursts…..

I do.

And more than that, my whole life had seemed to be an endless series of chasing the glimmering gold in fleeting moments or great fizzy bursts. I longed for it, I wanted to BE that feeling.

A disconcerting hustle had been building for years, I continued to ignore what I knew I was being urged to step into and in doing so, I attempted to seek it externally in relationships, attempts at study and seeking to find my niche. This “thing” made me feel vulnerable and lost and it only seemed to grow.

We want to know our golden hearts. And I dont just think it’s you and me, I believe our Earth wants to know her’s too.

And right now we are in vulnerable times. With financial and environmental crises, and political agendas’ threatening our way of life, the bombardment of fear (if we allow it) is being forced into every orifice of our being, including Earth’s! History has taught us to be vigilant against our impulse to find scapegoats for our problems, be it personal or more global, and although it is immediately satisfying and relieving the outcome of the quick fix is just that. Quick fix.


What I see is a huge energetic shift that is occurring. We are in the midst of a transition period, one that perhaps you have been feeling, or are beginning to feel. Maybe you just can’t put your finger on it, its a lingering dis-ease that crept in one still dawn as sunlight’s fingers touched your skin, or maybe you can name it and have a bag full of external evidence of how it’s been shaking stuff up. Thing is, this Change is inevitable. It’s happening whether we like it or not and whether we believe in it or not.  But how we embrace it is up to us.

Our challenge is to see ourSelves as part of the Solution. Most of us have good intentions to do this, but it seems like such an insurmountably large task that we are often sidelined by fear, ignorance and anxiety when faced with having to change.

I believe a key ingredient is this….

We are Spiritual Beings having a Human experience and on some level we are all aware of this. And it’s not just what’s been happening on a visible level that is leading us to feel a sense of unease, although that is how we understand it. It’s also a shift in  universal energy we are getting an “upgrade”, which means our energies are shifting too because we are inextricably linked to earth and to the universe. It’s evolution baby.

Yep, evolution.


Due to a growing culmination of factors we are becoming increasingly aware of ourSelves or at the very least a sense of disjointedness and an urge to identify and mend this feeling. What if by simply accepting and embracing our spiritual aspect instead of scoffing, limiting or denying ourselves in this way is how we be a part of the Solution?

I wonder what would happen if we started to bring not just our human physical/mental selves, but also our spiritual selves to the political debate, the environmental crises and the financial burdens we face. What if by simply listening, caressing and honouring our internal guidance, the essence of who we are and owning it like a Boss not only dissolved the inner hustle, but also created beauty.

The insights and visions that I’ve been shown over the past little while urged me to begin to integrate Me, my spiritual and human aspects to be able to create and really revel in the experience, as this is the next step in our growth. I’ve also been urged to step into supporting others to do the same – hence Inner Hue!


Can you imagine the strange awkwardness of walking around only using one arm when we had two! This really is exactly what we’ve been doing. Functioning at only half capacity. But it can be big and scary right! I get it, I feel it, but clearly things haven’t been working for us on many levels, and it’s time to amp things up, step up to the plate and embrace this change! How exciting it is to be involved in these times.

And we don’t have to embrace our spiritual aspect by planting our bottoms to meditate (although it is very helpful and supportive) We do it by acknowledging and accepting that we are a spiritual being, and expressing that in how we live, in the choices we make and the process we used to get make those decisions and choices.It’s in the activities we participate in, the quality of our connections, and not just connections with our family and friends and wider community, but also the connections we make with nature, animals and objects! (Yes, objects! everything really is alive.)


And of course how we express ourselves and be of service to others through our work is a crucial factor in it all. We are being called to engage not only our physical self which can “go through the motions” on auto pilot without a trouble most of the time, but bring our spiritual selves to the table providing the richness and depth we are looking for.

So thats what I’m going to keep stepping toward, and the glorious tickly bubbles and fresh breezy feeling of growing freedom, clarity and personal power to Be the Change we want to See in the World are some of the signs telling me that I’m on the money.

If you feel it, why don’t you join me?

You know how to do it.

The journey will be as good as the destination.

Much love to you folk ;)

Lauren x


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