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This blog post is going to be a quickie.

But perhaps it will get you thinking, and feeling…. and walking towards your heart.

This morning I woke with the kids and the birds on sunlight. Did the morning routine, and stole 20 minutes for myself to connect before rushing off to do drop off and start my day “job”. This is a habit I rarely miss these days, for my style of Zen rolls out well into the day.

A tid bit of writing happened too, whilst sitting under my big old Grandmother tree. The type of writing where I wasn’t thinking, I was flowing. I had no agenda except I was “called” to put a pen in my hand. Words, of all kinds just poured out of me. But a sentence plopped itself on the page, in capitals, that caused goosebumps to shiver over my skin with tears (happy tears) pricking my eyes.


That message wasn’t just for me. It was for you too, and I know you feel it too.


And so I’m wondering, how do you connect with that part of you? The part that whispers all day long. The part that we often shush up. The part that longs to be heard. The part that (dare I say it) we are afraid of the most, because to listen to it, trust, and act upon it’s urgings just may make us mind boggling happy.

And happiness is a power in it’s own right. A delicious creative force that ripples out in an infectious way. Happiness turns heads. Happiness is a magnet for goodness, like a sticky spoon of sweet honey you just keep wanting to lick.

Yet we muffle it. We buffer it. We skirt around it’s edges, because we are so used to living in the “so-so”. The “so-so” is safe and comfortable and conditioned.”

And in the moments of time when we feel like – wholly mackerel, I’m really happy, and I’m etching my way closer to Me, which means I’m etching my way closer to my dreams, which is continuously evolving and deepening. Well then we sabotage it don’t we.

We are happy with all sorts of other (often unhealthy) types of power – but happiness, that one gets us almost every time.


When we’re really pressing hard up against our personal boundaries or idea’s around worth, deserving and achievement, feeling deeply aligned and heart beamingly good also just happens to feel so darn uncomfortable in the beginning as well, don’t you think?

So if that’s where you’re at, or if you’re simply seeking some more of that aligned heart felt goodness maybe this will help.

Minor changes can have major impact. (Imagine those words – Big, bold, underlined and highlighted.)

Sit quietly for an itty bitty moment right now, and overview the day you had, or the day that lays out before you.

Feel into every little bit. From how you wake, till when you rest your weary head on that pillow again. Scan over it all.

And if you can, notice through-out the visual perusal of your day where your body subtly stiffens, your breath tightens and what you’re doing. As well as noticing when you feel your heart expand and your tummy tingle with warmth.


What’s happening? What are you doing? What are you thinking? What are you feeling? And if you could make one small change to your day with your heart answering this one,(cause only goodness comes from an aligned heart!) what does it whisper for you to change?

It doesn’t have to be big and bold.

Simplicity, practicality and achievable action is often the key.

Much love to you!

Lauren x

(go on, turn your face to the sun.)


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