Do you Clean your Teeth? Why not your Energy Body and Chakra’s too…

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So I wanna know if you brush your teeth? Im guessing you do? Feels good right? No more furry’s. On top of the fact that it’s also healthy to maintain your teeth and gums, keeps em in tip top shape. Well guess what? Same goes for your energy field and chakra’s.  Connecting, running energy and cleansing your energetic body is exactly the same as brushing you teeth.

I’ve been banging on about Chakra’s and energy a little bit the past couple of days…. And I want to share with you why.

I’ve been getting questions!

And boy do I love questions, as Im sure you’ve noticed. I pretty much live in the question. But Chakra’s and our energy field seems to be the thing that’s on everyone’s lips lately, and I am so excited it is. Arghhh! Like jumping out of my skin excited!

The other reason I am bursting with excitement is because here’s an opportunity I have to sprout why I am so passionate about  incorporating our energy system and energy field into our daily lives. And it’s about Empowerment, Wholeness, Integration and Pleasure. This “airy fairy” energy stuff doesn’t have to be, and more to the point, shouldn’t be. Once you get the swing of it you will quickly realise how opposite of “airy fairy” energy work and using it in your daily life is.


More than anything do I want to share with you ways in which you are able to connect with yourSelf in deeper, richer ways that are practical and useable. Results on all levels is the aim of the game. Yep, I wish for you to experience lasting results you can see, feel and know came straight out of your energy and connective practices. Yes, I did say that, Results. That zip, skip and swoosh of your heart, that rush that runs all over your body as you sync into the flow or the deep calm “I am the Earth and the Stars and everything in between” knowing you get when you realise just how big and radiant you are. Along with the wholly mackrel, I just silently intentionally walkie talkie-d a whole lotta intentions to the Out There.

Now… let’s see, what else does it do….

Cleansing chakra’s and our energy field supports us in moving        through the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual blocks and challenges we experience.

It allow’s us to process information of any type with more ease and depth of understanding.

Increases co-herance and productivity.

Increases insight, clarity and direction.

Increases personal energy as well as allowing our energy system to be able to receive and effectively utilise life force energy – the energy of the universe. Being able to naturally utilise Universal energy increases our energy levels which of course means our physical body is less likely to reach exhaustion point.

Our energy field and chakra’s are speaker boxes that are non stop “talking” to the world around you as well as receiving and processing the information that it comes in contact with.

And that’s just in brief! If you want, take another quick look over those couple of dot points again…. I am almost certain at least one of them would be of benefit to you.


Spending a few minutes grounding, connecting and cleansing doesn’t have to be a huge unmanageable process, or done every day. Don’t feel overwhelmed! And a connective process can and will look different for everyone, that’s the beauty of it. There are guidelines, but definitely no one right way! It does take some practice, but what doesn’t right? And even if you are a first-timer I bet you will come away feeling more revitalised and energised, or at the very least, calm and centred.

So lets me give you a quick guided tour, maybe you would like to walk it alongside me now.

Your energy field as a general guide extends almost as far as your arms are extended, however this varies depending on your health physically,  emotionally, energetically and spiritually. So if you can, quiet your Self, centre (go to your centre of your being, which is in the middle of your chest) and feel everything else fall away. Internal and external noise will dim and soon you will feel more open.


And just so you know, the word “Chakra” is Sanskrit for “spinning wheel. Chakra’s themselves serve as revolving doors or portals between our body, mind and spirit. Basically, they are specialised energy centres that exist on the front and back of our body and look like a spinning funnel. And we all sense our energy centre’s differently, you may see them as coloured balls, as energy openings or you may just feel/sense them, there is no right or wrong way.


Now become aware of your own energy field. Dont think. Just feel. Search out in all directions how far you expand out…. did you ever realise that you were so big? Pretty cool huh.

Bring yourSelf back to your centre and I would like you to become aware of a central energy column that runs energetically directly where your spine is. There are two main entry and exit points, one at the top of your head – The Crown chakra, and one that is in-between your legs – The Base Chakra. Become aware if you can of energy running between these two points, it may feel like a tingle, a wave, pulse or some other sensation that will be unique to you.

Next thing I would love you to do is send your energy down your energy column, out through your Base chakra and into the ground where you meet Mother Earth. A rich warm nourishing feeling will most likely begin to travel back up you through your Base Chakra. If your feet are planted on the ground you may also feel them become activated and warm as you do this.


Your Base Chakra, Red in colour, supports you in anchoring and grounding to Earth and this current physical reality. It’s strongly linked with our Safety and Security and the Fight or Flight instinct and it receives it’s basic programming from our family around what we deserve in and out of life and is directly linked with our will to live. It also acts as a “hoist” pulling down what you wish to create as an expression of Self, to come to life in the physical world. Often are earliest experiences are recorded here. Primal emotions come from this place also.

Run your Energy upward now and feel into the space around where your badder sits, just below the are of your navel. This is the Sacral Chakra, it’s colour is Orange and it’s a creativity hot spot! It functions as the energy centre of our feelings and creativity that are directly related to Self and the formulation of our Identity. It is the processing and creation place for exploring Who You Are, and Who You Choose to Be and sifting through all the layers of yourSelf and who we are in relation to our environments.

Continue travelling upwards now and you will reach the Solar Plexus chakra which you will feel around your solar plexus / stomach area. The colour of this chakra is yellow. This chakra is an absolute power centre! It functions as the storage house for our beliefs and values and the opinions and judgements we have made about ourSelves and the world around us. It is strongly linked to our intellect and how we intellectualise our created beliefs. It is a centre for interpreting the information from our lower (and upper) chakra’s and formulating structures and systems to be a express that information. This place is all about our personal power!

And now you will find your Self at your centre. (My most favourite place to be.)

Ahhh. How’s it feel there for you?


This is the Heart Chakra, it’s a beautiful radiant green or pink colour and for hundreds upon hundreds of years philosophers, prophets and poets have been writing about this place. The heart is the Compass and Antenna for your “vehicle”, your Being. It is the place of feeling, and where alignment, authenticity are gauged from. It is where we receive internal guidance and where we are able to navigate our personal path and what our “true north” is on any given decision or choice. Our Heart is now classified as an endocrine gland since it produces many hormones, it’s electro magnetic field (EMF) emanates 50,000 times more powerfully than the brain and it also has its own type of neurological function and supports and gives instructions to our cells. (check out Heartmath as a starter) Your heart communicate to us about our physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual needs. It connects our upper and lower chakras and has a language – the language of the heart that we uniquely understand.

The throat Chakra is next and it’s dark blue in colour. It is located in our Throat area and this is an area that can be strongly used for manifesting (speaking into being) and for protection. It is the seat of expression and is strongly linked with our connection to the Universe, our Higher Self and our heart. Through the throat chakra we receive, process, store and express information about what we think feel, see, desire and detest.  It is a tool we use to strongly get our personal message out into the world with and how we do this is also linked with the vibrational tone we marry our words with.

Moving up to our sixth Chakra, which is our Third Eye and it’s our Inner and Outer visual centre and the colour of indigo (blue/purple). Basically, our own personal Universal TV screen that can be tuned to all sort of stations. Essentially, potential life paths emanate from the Universe and enter like streams of light, filled with information and data that we then “see” in our minds eye and/or are also translated into an accompanied feeling or knowing of information. We can strongly use this chakra linked in with our heart chakra for laying blue prints, and the programming of our intentions down to communicate and request our desires for the future with our “imagination”. I am almost certain you have done this many times before, perhaps without realising it.

And finally we reach our Crown chakra which is shinning bright luminous white. This chakra is connected to our Higher Body chakras and functions like a “connection valve” to the Universe, other energy planes and higher wisdom and guidance that support us in activating and empowering us in our purpose. It is said that the Crown Chakra is how we know and experience our unity with Divine Source. Currents of Universal energy are taken into the body through the Crown Chakra which support our own personal energy utilisation that when used effectively reduce the likelihood of experiencing exhaustion, among many other factors.


If you wish to now, imagine your energy continuing up, straight out of your Crown chakra and into the sky, you will reach a point where suddenly you feel very expansive, it is what Freedom feels like to me. Meet Father Sky. When you are ready channel the expansive light back down through your Crown chakra, down through your energy centre where the invigorating energy infuses light into your chakras and centre youSelf back in your Heart.


Hope you’re feeling pretty blissful now.

Would love to hear how it was for you in the comments or on Inner Hue FB if you took that little tour with me. :)

Much love to you.

Lauren xx


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