A Truth about Tough times and Tuning In.

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Sometimes people just need acknowledgment and connection.

Today, I took my three kidlets out for a coffee shop treat of muffins and milkshakes. They enjoy sitting at a cafe, people watching, having silly conversations, the girls playing ladies. It’s fun. And I enjoy these simple special times too.

As we sat down and waited for our morning tea, I noticed a table of four young women behind us, one of them with a toddler on her lap. She was flustered. Her baby was crying and wriggling and she was unable to join the conversation with her friends because of it. She snapped at her little girl. My son, Eli noticed and whispered to me that she was being mean to her baby. I guess that would be an easy assumption to make.

As we tucked in and finished off tasty morsels, I could feel the woman’s energy rising, she was becoming more desperate, feeling isolated, lost and angry at her situation, she was longing for the life she had before children.  My heart ached for her.


As I stood to pay, I took a chance and went over. She was tall, blonde and elegant, as were her friends. I reached out, apologised for interrupting their gathering, and connected with her.

“You’re doing a good job, I said. Mothering really is the hardest job in the world.”

Her hand went to her mouth, and her eyes immediately welled.

“You’ll make me cry” she whispered. Pulling her little girl closer.

Her friends were listening now.

She cried. We chatted. I gave her a hug. I could feel the intensity of her energy subside. She brightened, smiled and her friends rallied around her.


Acknowledgement and connection is all it takes.

Sometimes it means talking about the uncomfortable stuff, like admitting that right now you’re not liking the restriction, isolation and never ending demands that mothering brings. That you’re feeling depressed, lost and can barely remember what made you tick.

And when we share, suddenly we feel heard and the load lightens.

Even if you’re not a mother, we all experience challenging situations and life events, where we can forget who we are and where we’re headed. Our strength and precious treasures however, often come from our darkest periods. The training wheels are taken off in these midnight hours and we are left fumbling to walk, until we’re running.


Your internal guidance never stops speaking. It’s honestly there to support you. To guide you. In your darkest hours, and in your brightest. In you small decisions and in the big game changing ones.

Internal guidance will always hold, guide and support you. It’s just a matter of trust.

So here’s a little trick that may help you get into that place where you can hear your heart speak. Remember, everything is energy.

Imagine your breath (energy) having a light. Most of us spend our days up in our head, so naturally you are probably going to notice your breath and light initially being up here.

As you breathe, direct your light, your breath down to the centre of your chest. Visualise and feel it illuminate from your insides, emanating out. Spend time breathing from here. You possibly will feel an array of sensations in your chest as you breathe.


When you are ready, ask yourSelf some questions.

What do I need to know right now?

Is this going to serve and nourish me?

What is my next step?

What do I need to do for myself today.

Or think about and feel into the energy of the specific situation that you’re needing guidance with.

Continue to breathe, imagining the light radiating from the secret spot in the middle of your chest outwards.

Trust the answers that come.

And…. if you need a hand in reconnecting yourself with yourSelf, it would, as always be my pleasure. Drop over and visit my FB page Inner Hue. :)

Much love to Mumma’s and Pappa’s and Free spirits out there.

Lauren x

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