What Do You Do?

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So, Im wondering, – What do you do?

You know, for a living, to make a life.

That’s what everyone is interested in when you’re at a dinner, a sunday bbq or a chance meeting, right?

What it is that you do…..?

And admit it, you ask that question a lot too when someone catches your intrigue, or they are boring you to death and you think… (bet they’re an accountant.)

I ask that question almost unconsciously, like its been programmed into me. (cause I guess it really has) And in thinking about it, it’s not the question itself that is the problem, it’s the meaning, the definition we have given to the question. As though a title, or a couple words strung together summarises Who You Are and what it is that you do.

And we make what we do so focused and so small, which always seems to leave me feeling small. “Oh, I’m just a mum.” or “I work in the community sector” I sigh, feeling frustrated at myself, cause that’s not what I do at all!



I have been fossicking about in that question for a while now to dig up old and ancient archaeological finds to help me understand the way I think and feel about my response to that question and my intention in asking it.

See, I believe in connecting with people, and for finding opportunities for connection. I also believe in the power of our words (and the energy we give them!) How they make us feel to our core, how they invoke inspiration, energy and propel us forward in our creating.  Our words also permeate and soak into the skins and hearts of others…. this is important stuff!

For some reason our connecting conversations have become narrow tunnels focused on what a person does for a living which somehow defines them as a person and their level of success and achievement.

But couldn’t conversations be opportunities for “Coming Alive”?


To me, Coming Alive is to tap into the truest and most natural expression of Who You Are and slowing seeing your life move into something that reflects the expression of that. Supporting people in shifting from fear-led decisions to heart led choices, from self doubting to self expression, from focusing on competition to fostering collaboration and chasing the divinely inspired “what’s next’s” to fully immerse, enjoy and experience the “what’s right now’s.” is one of the raddest things being human allows, don’t you think?

I SEEK to be on the end of someone’s “Coming Alive”! The cloud nine and tingling excitement I feel when I have shared in another’s vision propels me forth in mine, where suddenly through almost invisible spidery silken webs of light we are supporting each other’s hopes and dreams through a simple connective conversation.

In sharing what make’s our heart sing, fizzy excitement bubbles up from our inner depths revealing stepping stones before us and paving way for a life of organic creation that not only serves ourSelves but also others.


What if we started asking the question “What do you do” with our intention of actually asking “share with me who you are”?

The game suddenly changes then doesn’t it?

The judgement and assessment stops and the curiosity and opportunity begins and off we go to a soul filled juicy piece of paradise.  We meet the person not the mask, because I believe that who we are is more beautiful than the mask’s we feel forced to wear.

There is a reason you do what it is that you do, or why you go home to feed yourSelf up on that hobby. Let’s talk about that. You and your story are unique. Your message matters and you’re the person for that message!! There’s a deep force motivating those blissful day dreams (otherwise know as visualisation), it’s why it keeps calling you back – it’s a nut that wants to be cracked by you!

You are more than that job title, role or figure position and so is the person you are talking to.

Sunday BBQ people?

Mwah. x


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