We Are Still Mysteries to OurSelves….

Living With Soul



Its a big part of our culture. As children we enjoy fairytales, (as adults we enjoy fairytales!) It is human to tell and pass down stories. Every muscle fibre and cell in your body has absorbed the stories you have told yourSelf, regardless of whether you have announced it to the world, or hidden it away in the darkest corner of your closet.

Our stories, and what we have highlighted and underlined bring together the past and the future creating a structure for ourselves to create within.

But what if our stories are not whole?

What if we have tuned ourSelves to select only a few tales and use them as the net with which to catch all others of a similar shade? Big questions huh. Is it hurting your head a little? It does mine.

But I think these are important questions to ask oursSelves. And timely too. We stand here, at the precipice of a new year, perhaps even a new era for humanity, with our hearts and desires on the line. We feel the hope, optimism, passions, drive of our Soul, of our dreams and goals, delicate, golden. Maybe it inspires you to plan and act, or perhaps uncomfortability rises up inside you, and galloping thoughts of how your are not enough stampede in and you take comfort in the uncomfortability, for the scary yet breath-taking, goose-bump giving vulnerability of letting go and acting on your dreams is not enticing enough for you to put yourself on line.


I get it. I really do. I spent so many years there. And I will continue to spend a portion of time there every now and then, before I can no longer stand its weight, watching my life-force be boa-constricted outta me. My next move will always be then to squeeze my eyes shut, hold my breath, and jump. Each time I’m there, in that immoveable place, frozen in fear, I’ve asked mySelf what is that keeps me here, AND what is it that enables me to jump?

The answer to both is always the same. My stories. The ones I have created, the ones I have bought into, the ones I have honed my radar so well to tune into, making all others invisible. That is what has me gaged and bound, and it is also what sets me free.

Like Houdini, we hold all the answers to our own tricks.


You see, our stories are what gives us our sense of identity and uniqueness, and they either enable us to thrive or become immobilised. ANYTIME is a good time to question, re-evaluate and re-story your story, but seeing as we are at the beginning of a new year, why not give it a crack now?

It’s healthy to look at the repetition of themes in our story, and the process with which we have created them. So go get your gumboots and your magnifying glass and poke around a little. Taking a deeper look at the structure and content we have landscaped ourSelves with allows us to begin to question and experiment with the filters we look at the world through. It’s an opportunity to widen our nets so we can catch more than one colour shade. Suddenly there will be so much more room to move! Long lost flexibility will be regained where we had been getting stuck, restoring hope and focus.


Vulnerability in storytelling and the ability to sit in the discomfort is powerful. The feelings it can generate often pushes our automatic “run” response, having us shy away from what we need to do most. Yet, in vulnerability there is the opportunity for change. The trick is to increase our tolerance for vulnerable feelings rather than avoid them.

If you are feeling resistance to this, that is a sure sign to do it. What we resist persists. Resistance is also something to congratulate yourSelf on! Hooray! Sounds a bit odd huh, but resistance indicates that you are on the money and  that you know what your next move is, it’s just Mr Ego and Inner Critic who are so comfy in the safety of their little hollow home that do not wish to be challenged, or defied. But who likes to be bossed about? Not me. Get your Rebel on, and give those two the finger. You are boss!


So, if you are feeling that resistance, keep going, push through it, if you are feeling wobbly, remember courage isn’t that absence of fear, it is acting in spite of it.  Have a think about your story, look at the events that have occurred in your life that have shaped them, and look at the meaning you gave to those events.

I’m going to follow up this blog with another one that offers questions and activities that you may like to do for a bit of fun, take it as light-heartedly or as seriously as you wish to. I’m just putting it out there in that hope that it enables you to live bigger, bolder, more radiant lives. Or simply to add a little zesty spice to your day.


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