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Can you believe, we are one month down already.

And what a way to start a year, with TWO Super New Moons to kick it off with.

January has really been a month of wiggling into our new groove, feeling into ourSelves and into the year we wish to create and experience ahead. Maybe you’ve been doing a bit of – Pause, breath and take stock of what is going on within and without, in the sneaky silent moments.

Yep, me too.

And so Im wondering… what have you come up with?

What have you nailed down and moved more into alignment with? Or perhaps it’s been more of a, “what have you moved away from” kind of month?

Why do I ask this?

Well, while anytime is a good time to get some clarity around how you want to feel, energetically it’s an incredibly potent time to sift through our layers of desire and pluck out what’s most important to you right now. We can think BIG picture too, and include “Us” –  family, community, global community in the “I” as well. For in sharing and contributing we receive so much more back. So look at it like laying a strong foundational blueprint to build upon.

The key here really is getting in touch with what makes our heart sing. Yep, when we connect with our feelings and bring our awareness to the activities that encourage us to naturally experience those yummy warm fuzzies, or confident creative acts that we are able to actively steer ourSelves in the direction of more pleasure.


Here is a chewy question for you to digest…

Are you running away from pain, or walking towards pleasure?

Or, have these two elements become blurry and entwined? Let me give you an example…

You’ve finished work, it’s been a hectic day and you just want to unwind and forget it for a few hours before you’re back there again tomorrow.

Mmmm, you reach for a nice glass of wine to take that uncomfortability away.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a nice wine too! But a year or two ago I noticed that I was using a glass of red as a socially accepted way to run away from the pain, discomfort or uncomfortability of something, I wasn’t getting plastered, but it was still the same thing if I was coming from the energy space of “run from pain”.

I wasn’t being truthful with myself,  I wasn’t really walking towards pleasure (although it seemed like it at the time.) What I was really doing was running away from the pain of a big, tiresome, trying day. And it got me thinking, I don’t want to spend my life running away from the “Ouch” I want to spend my life continously walking towards the “Ahhhhh”


So with this Super Moon energy which will linger either side of the 30th of January, intentionally create your vision and one where we are walking towards pleasure. We’ve been so busy chasing down the goals all the while feeling a disconcerting emptiness that lingers in the heart of it. The lists and tasks we endlessly make are often not sustainable either, that’s because what we’re really seeking is a feeling.

So lets go inward, connect with those feelings, follow the trail to the activities and pursuits where we experience those feelings already and create a Map from there…

–  Allow words to intuitively come to you and use them as  scaffolds, for guiding you in this process. Write them down.

–  Really feel and create in your minds eye how you see yourSelf in the year ahead, what activities are you are doing, soak up the energy of how it feels as though it’s happening right now. Notice when when you already get these bursts of pleasure during your day or week. Again, write it all down, maybe it looks different from what you had imagined

–  If you have pictures, colours, symbols, any imagery that represents the feelings which are the heart of your desired creations pin them up somewhere that is easily referable as an instant reminder. Allow it to evolve as you travel down the path.


–  Can you  incorporate 10 minutes a day to re-create you vision as a whole body experience? If you can, do you think this would add to your life? I know it absolutely does for me. It supports me in keeping aligned and by doing so I go into my day already holding desired feelings in my energy field.

Here are a couple starter Questions that may help you gain clarity and support you creating your vision.

What is the end I am hoping for once I have achieved my goals? What does it look like? What does it feel like? Why am I doing it? (you can write specifics or you can write words.)

–  When do I feel most aligned, enthused and inspired in my life? Does this marry up with my goals?

–  Where am I already experiencing my desired feelings in my daily life? How can I do more of that?

–  What “rules” do I have that need to be re-evaluated because they are no longer self serving.

–   Have a conversation with your “Mountain Top Twin” (Higher Self. She/He is the Watcher, the Observer you feel within you) what guidance, wisdom, information does she/he wish to share with me….                                  It is easier to connect with this aspect of yourSelf by taking a few big breathes, centring, and focusing on your heart area (heart chakra) Allow the message to flow through you and onto the page without thinking too much.

This is about YOU, your Heart, your beautiful opportunity for creating and contributing. Working with the energies of the stars adds magic and mystery to our lives, so be child like again and make believe your dreams.



By the way…. This is the last Super New Moon till 2018!

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