So, You Feel Like getting Excited about YOUR Future….

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Excitement for the future! Gosh, what a delicious thought. I get so excited about the future now I almost wet myself! And my future is normal, average, just like yours in one breath and then completely not in the next, because it’s MINE, all mine! I have the power, control, choice over it and I can consciously create it any which way I like. (was that a bit too Golem like?)

I’ve been having some conversations lately with a wonderful friend of mine who has a fire-cracker spirit and personality to match about stepping into the next thing, working out what’s blocking us and knowing which choice is the “right” choice to support our best future. Oh, the rush and the outpouring of words, we feed off each others enthusiasm about ideas and options… It goes something like this…

Me: Hey, If we draw on these skills, use those tools, pitch this idea…

Her: And we could combine it with some study on the side to support and power punch the creative process….

Me: Ooooo OMG yes! Then we could…

Her: But what about this..?

Me: Hmmmm, yes, right. There is always this option too…

Her: Aargh! So many possibilities, so much choice, how do you choose..?

It’s exhilarating and confusing all at once….


The future can feel overwhelming then, we want the veil to lift, but we talk ourselves out of it before it has time to rise. We busy ourselves with safer options that have considerably less “Boom shak-a-laka” feel about them, don’t we.

So, what do you do, and how do you choose?

Without fail, my fall back mechanism is my Heart, and I guess a somewhat spiritual process to back it up, that’s never the same each time I use it – but that is also what makes it such a great process too.

It goes something like this….

Set Expectation: I set the expectation that I will know! That I will discover what the next step is that perfectly encompasses and reflects what I need. And then I let it go and allow the universe to work its magic. Simple.

Next: Centre, Breathe, Ground, Connect. (this part is like putting a cord into a powerpoint. Super important.)


Then I ask Questions: I am slowly figuring out that the quality of our life reflects the quality of the questions we ask ourselves.

Quality Questions = Quality Life. (Boy am I learning this!)

This sometimes means sitting in the uncomfortability of the question, and then excavating for the nuggets of truth, revealing clarity and direction whether that be in breadcrumb trails, or picture perfect panoramic’s.

The questions we ask shape our thinking and invoke emotions, which ultimately influences our actions. They take us into a place of possibility or impossibility, of gratitude or victimisation, of solutions or roadblocks, of light or of darkness. At any point, we can shift the direction of our life by asking better questions.

Example: When circumstances don’t meet our expectations, things don’t go according to “plan,” or when we feel confused about a decision to make, leaving us feeling frustrated, desperate and wondering, “Why is this happening to me? or “Am I ever going to work this out?” ( yep, I know these questions quite well…maybe you can also relate?)

These kind of question can only lower our vibration and attract more of that to us. We attract what we are. Down the rabbit warren of thoughts we plunge where we meet the not so Awesome Foursome –  Blame, Unsupportive, Complain and Conflict.  These guys support the  A) I am victim story and B) I am not in control of my future story.


What if, instead, we asked ourselves, “What is life mirroring back to me?” Or, “What am I learning from this situation?” I know, annoyingly Zen right. But, insightful, vibration raising and possibility opening and definitely the option I am choosing more and more.

Instant perspective is gained. Clarity emerges. Quality Questions Voila!

Write: Do some Stream of Consciousness writing, which is basically just write and not think. Or draw and not think. This supports and encourages us to integrate creative flow into our day, allowing more organic real-ness and less mechanic  robotic-ness.

And finally…

Quiet Time in Nature: This is so important. And to put it into  words is just too difficult because words are waaay too small for it’s profound yet simple largeness. You just have to do it for yourSelf.

Go…. Get excited about your Future! Put some time aside every day for it, it’s more satisfying than eating chocolate! Really.  :)

Big fat squeezy hugs to you.



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