Coming out of the Spiritual Closet

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This is scary!!

I feel really exposed doing this, but I have to admit something. I have been hiding out in the Spiritual Closet still.

See, I’ve been out of my integrity and it’s eating me up a touch, I wont lie about it. Inner Hue is about Embracing all of who we are, connecting to our Self, harnessing and using our energy, tuning in and learning to become increasingly receptive to guidance and connecting to Spirit, Source, the Universe (whatever name you wish to call it).

Inner Hue is about Exploring, Adventuring, Creating, taking what’s right for you and giving it your unique signature twist to amplify your skills, gifts and talents. And well, I’ve been doing that, but doing it with the bumper rails on. Writing about stuff that gets my cylinders pumping with LOVE, but what I know will also be accepted and received. Why? Well, because I don’t want to “fail, because I am passionate about this stuff and believe wholeheartedly in our ability to transform ourSelves, our lives, our Earth! (transform our families, our communities, our social structures, global governments and more!)

Yes, call me a dreamer – But I’m not the only one.

And I believe, that we are so much more than our physical body and our mind.


So I’m going to start writing a blog every now and then about Chakra’s, about deciphering intuitive information, connecting with Guides, plants and other Spirited Things.  

I want to share with you from time to time all the incredible insights and conversations plants share with me, or the crystal clear visions and downloads of information my Guides and other Light Beings give me, or the Light Magic that I can make come out of my hands and my Heart that I can direct with my thoughts to use for healing myself, for another or the Earth. Or that I’ve known I’m a Witch (a modern day one!) since I was a real little kid and the random past lives I can vividly remember.

Why is it a tad scary for me? Well, some of this stuff I have only shared with those I deeply trust and love. Those who know me best for fear of being ridiculed, different. But there is so much wisdom in the shared conversations and lesson I have with the “people up there” that you may find it helpful too.


Sacred geometry has become a part of regular meditative practices and I am not entirely sure what’s going on when I am using it, but what I do know is that I am increasingly integrating my physical and energy bodies to work in unison and to a capacity that feels more whole.  And in doing so a whole lotta strength, vitality and creative force has hitched a ride with it and just continues to grow! As soon as I nest in comfortability, Boom! I’m given a new guided “process” or practise. Like building blocks, that are interlocking together providing a broader range of skills to be able to use for creating, manifesting, contributing and being of service …..hopefully to you.

I have a bee in my bonnet about Dependency, and Disempowerment.

We have created systems and structures where these are the foundations, however they are slowly crumbling and evolving with new seeds beginning to sprout.  We are “seeing through” and feeling disconnected with the superficial and materialistic nature of every day life and a sense of uncertainty,  perhaps a feeling of loneliness or being lost has unexplainably risen within you. I want to say to those of you that are feeling this – it is okay, keep seeking for those richer deeper connections, you will be supported, a new way of being will unfold, you are just “waking up”.


Maybe some of you have always been intuitive, and you’ve stashed it in the “dont go there box” but now your insights are increasing, causing you confusion, frustration or worry. I want to say to you also, it is okay, you are becoming more sensitive, receptive, aware, and that these knowings or visions are actually very normal and natural and are nothing to fear.

How do I know this? Because I have been there…..  and each time I grow, I revisit that confusion and emptiness, knowing now that it will only ever birth beauty.

I believe in Co-Creating and Empowerment.

That we know ourSelves best, and know at all times which chess move to make next and which supports to call on to empower and bolster our move. In becoming more energetically aligned, limiting beliefs fall away and we are able to shift and transform our old outdated ways of being into new uploaded versions of who we are.  Confidence and direction naturally flow and we are able to create connective ripples of change that makes our heart sing like a tweety bird- even when its storming!

Becoming more strongly anchored and connected with ourSelves and learning how to utilise and use our energy, our chakra’s, along with our mental, physical and emotional aspects, paves a way for us to process life events, blocks, scale challenges, and experiencing the fizz-wizzing beauty in every day life with an ease and grace we had not known before. And suddenly we are living our life as a Soul Filled one.

Much love



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  1. I love this so much. I always want to touch on spiritual topics on my blog but i end up chickening out and posting a diluted version instead. My goal is to be 100% authentic with my readers and I am slowly but surely getting there.

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