What you DO speaks so LOUD that I cannot HEAR what you SAY.

Living With Soul


Do you get caught up in thoughts, ideas and empty talk? Or know someone who does? I do sometimes, but I’m working on it. Like a transformer – there’s more that meets the eye to all of us, and it’s time to pull those qualities, aspirations and dreams out of hiding and BE what we stand for.

I was a “Gunna”. More so than I am now. ‘Gunna do this, gunna do that.” And I never got anywhere, or at least, got what i wanted. Not only that, people I loved and respected began to know my words as empty.

See, I was getting stuck in the fear of it. It wasn’t because I wanted to tell tall tales, I was just daunted, immobilised, or overwhelmed by the enormity of my dreams and goals. The commitment seemed so ENORMOUS, that I settled for less. And the payoff for settling was a entrée of emptiness and dissatisfaction, leaving me internally fidgety, hungry, and agitated. But the main dish I ate on a regular basis was lack of self respect and confidence. See, the more I TALKED about what I was wished to do and be, rather than just ACTION it, the more self respect and confidence I lost, in the eyes of myself and in the eyes of others.

Now I am nowhere near achieving my dreams. But that doesn’t matter, because I am on the road to doing it. Bit by bit I am BEING what I stand for. And it feels good. Real good.

I know there are going to be multiple attempts at things, some bush bashing, some lost in the woods moments, some mountain top highs and fresh river swims.It will be fun and challenging and I am excited! It is THE adventure of a lifetime! My lifetime! How can i not be pumped?


And what changed? A few things….

Firstly, I got tired of using my head, and shifted to my heart. My heart now WORKS for my head. Ha! Mr. Cranium told me to do and be all these things that I was not. And man, i don’t know about you, but it is soooo much hard work and incredibly exhausting being something you’re not. My heart, well she’s got it all covered. She doesn’t tell me what to do, she shows me, reveals to me all the things I love. She doesnt banish, shame, bully or judge me like the head can, She is gentle, kind, warm and encouraging. I want to bring into being what is in my heart, and I want to be vulnerable and share my heart with others. It’s a bit scary, but it’s where the goods are at.

Secondly, I got real tired of being directed externally. We are bombarded with advertising, rules, structures, systems that tell us how to be. And most of it is fear based. If I take a quick glance at what’s going on in the world, the only summary I can come to is, those structures, rules and systems are not working. Fullstop. We really are in the eleventh hour. I can look at it with my doom and gloom shades on, or choose to see it as an opportunity.  An opportunity to make new structures and systems together and leave these old ones behind. And I want to be involved armpit high in that!  I wish to be a part of making those new rules and I want to do it with anyone else who does too! We can do that by BEING what we know we are. Lets question everything we have been taught. Lets go to our heart and choose to live from there. The powerful and potent magic is that we are creation machines! We have the ability to  create and re-create absolutely anything. Our thoughts, our perspectives, our actions and reactions, the activities we choose to participate in, structures, systems, states of being. Everything!

I want to run with people who are passionate, who are walking their talk, who a owning their stuff, all of their stuff, success, failures and mistakes. We need all those ingredients for change and creation. What’s a life half lived? Like Mandela said – “who are we to play small?” And who are we? Why are we so ashamed of being ourSelves?

And thirdly, I changed my perspectives on lots of things. The cool thing is too, that my perspectives will keep changing as I develop, grow, evolve. Like I’ve said before, I’ve been The Good, The bad and The Ugly, with all manner of Crooks pulling my puppet strings. And chances are those Crooks will still come out. But I can learn from mistakes and blunders to empower me, to give me greater depth of insight, to teach me patience and compassion and love. And any time I feel I am getting too stuck on a certain mindset, what is “right or wrong” or “good or bad” I say “Whoa Nelly, and take a big fat step back to observe it.


Actions Express Priorities.

And my priorities right now are to be authentic. To be vulnerable. To be open, to walk the talk the best I know how right now in this moment. It feels amazing. Freeing. Exciting. Teach me, join me, find that big fat heart of yours. Ask it LOTS of questions. Listen to it all the time, and ACTION what it guides you towards. And if I can help you in anyway, or if you can help me…. holla!

Big fat hugs to you. x


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  1. I like this one Lauren, no single thing stands out it is just simple and honest and real, you know I like your authenticity and this has it.

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