Well, Hi There 2014…..

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2014 starts with a creative Boom! The stars will shine brighter in the night sky, and your intentions for the unfurling year ahead are supported by the gentle New Moon energy. A new moon to bring in the New Year is as rare as hen’s teeth, (last one happened 19yrs ago) so we are in for a treat!

Man, I have been loving this New Year bizo. I’ve been getting things done you see, taking to my heart like a vegetable patch that needs weeding and turning, setting my intentions out and doing my best to water them little seeds. And you know what? It’s been kinda cool watching things burst through the surface and slowly strive for the sun.

To me, getting into New Years represents getting into my life. Owning it. Having both hands on that wheel, map on lap and choosing to create some darn fine scenery. Life can just happen to you, or you can make it happen. Like a sport, you can be spectator or player. And as we all know, the fun is had sweating it out on court!


And because I have this deeply connected and rich spiritual side of me, where at times it seems I feel the earth breathe, the breeze whisper and the universe share old, long ago stories with my bones, ritual is now part of my New Year celebration.

No, I’m talking about dancing round a fire (although, that would be fun too) I do ritual like this. Prepare my space, whether that be in my garden, on the beach, by a fresh creek or just in my bedroom, grab my “magic” book, (yes, I am a kid at heart)  that’s where I write intentions and “downloads” of information and insights into, sit my little booty on that mat and meditate. Requesting the guidance and support of my Mountain Top Twin (higher self) and the universe to direct and fairy godmother me some Clarity.


2014 and this New Moon sets the stage for a year of gentle kindness like soft rain caressing your skin. Its a year that encourages us to become more authentic, more aligned and purposeful with our every step. Its the loving embrace after a couple years of upheaval, the soils are fertile and we can take a breather. Or more than that, you can plant your those seeds you’ve been safe keeping with confidence. We are being called to create, develop, cultivate and make manifest. Abracadabra!  What matters is that you’re committing yourSelf to your vision, and open to receiving guidance, accepting the invitation to stroll off the  beaten track and to dive deep into the watery depths of your Soul. 

So why not Name it. Yes! What’s the word that first bubbles up epitomising EXACTLY what you wish to etch into 2014? Be still. Centre. Breathe. And, ready, set go…..

Write it down, carry it in the palm of your hand and keep your heart tuned in to it. And even if you are not too fussed on all this hokey pokey stuff, that’s okay, you do it your way, cause you know best.


2014 is a year to celebrate You. It’s for embracing your contradictions, shining light on your Shadows, and  de-compartmentalising all the little containers you’ve boxed your life into and weaving them together like the golden strands of sunlight they are.

Could anything be more adventurous? Excitingly scary? And deep belly satisfying?

The edge of something new and profoundly beautiful is about to take place. Look around you, cast your eyes to the stars, dig your toes into the grass and temporarily allow yourSelf to reflect on where you have you come from, but more importantly where you’re going.

Now…. let’s see…. My word for 2014 is ……



Mmmm…. yes. Woo!

Biggest Blessings to You. xx

P.s. A GIANT heartfelt Thank-you, for embracing me, Inner Hue, the words that flow from my heart and taking the time to read them in the final months of 2013. 2014….. here we come!


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