The Crow and The Wolf

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I posted a little quote not long ago about using all the colours in the crayon box. This post is calling you to do that. In fact, this is a howling wolf call, inviting you to use a couple of those colours that you don’t often use.

It’s also an invitation to have a little fun. To be playful. And, maybe to use your imagination a little bit too. Any excuse to be a big kid right?

So here goes it….

I am a Wolf and a Crow.

And Im wondering what animal you are? Sounds a tid bit silly I guess. But I bet that there’s been a time where you’ve thought, “if i could be any kind of animal I would be….” It’s a fun game. I’ve hoped you’ve played it. If not, why not now? What’s the first animal that comes to mind?

Let me share with you when the Wolf came to me, because it seems like i’ve been a Wolf forever. When I was little, stuff in my world got a bit crazy. My mother died. Family dynamics changed, I experienced loss, loneliness, and adjustment along with other family members. It was a time when, looking back on it now, I was calling out, silently for help. For an anchor. For guidance. And that’s when the Wolf appeared.

Slinking in, ever so softly, but with strength and power, I felt her presence, in the sense that immediately I knew, as a little girl, that if I could be any animal, I would be a Wolf.

The Wolf is a communicator, a social and family oriented creature, that expresses through touch, body movements, eye contact and complex calls. I could relate to that, as during that time, I didnt feel I could share through words as much as I once had. So I spoke through my body. I also became an incredibly good observer, which included energy. Just like a wolf.


Symbolically, the Wolf represents deep faith, profound understanding and connecting with your intuition. All of which, over the course of many years I have been gently guided by. She encourages me to be playful, to be strong, to listen to the Earth speak. She knows deeply that all we need is Love, Compassion and Kindness and the Wolf is fully capable of providing those things. Yet she is fiercely independent, needing freedom. Always pushing for freedom. The Wolf is gentle strength and wildness. There is no containing or capturing her. Forever she shall be free.

And this was me. Or a part of me. And still is, but something  happened this year.

The Wolf invited the The Crow to join her.

I know. A Crow. Of all animals you’re thinking, why would you want to be a Crow?! Well, I don’t really think I had a choice in it. The Crow chose me. It’s probably the same for you. I bet you didn’t choose your animal, did you? It chose you, and you knew this because it resonated somewhere deep inside of you, hey?

So one morning, deep in meditation, a Crow flew in. Then another, and another. Soon, I was surrounded by 13 Crows. And something very deep shifted inside of me. Something I had been waiting to shift. It was an ending and a beginning all at once.


To be truthful, I used to find Crows more bothersome than anything. Chasing other birds away, their call drowning out the sweet melodic calls of other birds. Slightly annoying. However, I always sensed they were powerful.

Native American culture have always looked at Crow to symbolise the onset of creation, of the void or what has not taken form yet. They carry the energy of life’s mysteries and the power for deep inner transformation. And countless other cultures view Crow’s as being harbinger of powerful secrets. They are messengers too, so it’s business is in both keeping and communicating deep mysteries.

The Crow has touched a deep place within me, guiding me with insight and developing my ability to perceive subtle shifts in energy within mySelf and my environment directing me with intuitive strength. The Crow is digging in to me, calling me to go beyond the illusions, especially the duality of right and wrong, inner and outer.

And I have learnt something through writing this post. It seems there is a strong connection between The Wolf and The Crow, as there are hundreds of pictures in all shapes and forms of these two powerful creatures together.


Pull out those crayon’s you never use. Just for the hell of it! Get in touch with your animal, I am certain their unique qualities are also some of your own. Sounds ridiculously silly, but feel into the creature and listen, I bet it’s wisdom would be very applicable to you and your mission.

Much Crayon Wild Love! x


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