Plug out of “Reality” Plug into Flow. An Energy Shifter Tool.

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Can you believe? The year is almost out! Boom! 2013 done. Wow. What a year. How’s it left you feeling?

What I want to share with you today is a small but powerfully effective tool that is also fun to create, with the result being your own unique kinda pretty too.

I’ve dubbed them “Bliss Bombs” or “Energetic Shifters”. They are intuitively selected nooks in your home or at work where you intentionally create an energetic “safe haven” to unplug from “reality” and plug into love, abundance, peace, presence, flow.


See, sometimes I get all up in my head, stuck in a train of thought, going round and round in circles. And as you know, the thoughts you choose, are then reflected in the feelings and emotions you feel, which is projected as an energetic frequency that your body loud speakers out to the universe, including your immediate environment. It’s important that we regularly check in with ourSelves during the day, see where we are at, observe our thoughts and feelings and take responsibility for them, as they not only impact those around us, they are also a key factor in creating they kind of day, experience, life we would like to create.

These little suckers really help you to manage your fears, anxieties and emotions. Re-centre you. Ground you. And balance your energy to a frequency that is more aligned with Who You Are.


And before we get into it, I wanna share with you WHY they work. Whilst we can intellectually bring our mind back to the present and purposely try to shift our energy from Yuck to Peace, sometimes a tactile, visual aid really helps. The other thing is, everything holds and gives off energy. As much as a objects don’t look like sponges, the truth of it is, they are, and they absorb energy. We can potently imbrue intentions and specific energies (which is done through your feelings) such as love, tranquility, peace, abundance (as well as the not so desired frequencies of eg. lack, fear, anger etc) into the objects and spaces around us. In fact, you do it already, you just may not be aware of it. The purpose of intuitively constructing special spots, IS to be aware of it. To purposely choose where you want your “plug in” places to be and what kind of frequency you wish to tap into.

Basically, turn your “Heart Compass” on and allow it to direct you.

So, I want you to think in Symbols, and more specifically what those symbols means to you. For me, my little “Bliss Bombs” are often linked with nature. Nature plays a huge part in balancing and restoring me. So, I collect rocks, shells, sticks. I pick flowers and giant leaves often as well as adding crystals and treasured trinkets that I’ve been gifted.


You might love music, or cars, animals, travelling, photography or history, whatever it is, create little condensed nuggets of treasure that you immediately resonate with and take you to “another place”. Filling you with the feelings you wish to feel, resetting your energy.

Then place these Energetic Revivers in visible and frequently used spots around your home and where you can work. Even in your car! I have them everywhere! Near my kettle, in the bathroom, my bedroom, my dining table, lounge room, on my desk at home, my desk at work, on my back landing. EVERYWHERE. They are only small, but are incredibly powerful and only ever continue to increase in their potency as you actively engage with them. They are the places I go to when I need rest and rejuvenation as well as for boosting my gratitude and thankfulness of all the love I have in my life and a reminder of all the love I have inside to give.

I will call it, It sounds a bit cheesy I know. But sometimes Cheesiness is true!


I am no where near perfect (nor do I ever want to be). My energy fluctuates. Sometimes I get disheartened and loose my way for a moment of two. And that’s okay. It’s all part of the beauty.  Frequency Shifters are the little prompts, cues, reminders for you to use. They have been such an effective and gentle tool for me that I had to share it with you.  Try it and see.

Go forth and Create! ;)

Mwah!  xx

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