Loss and the Mountain Top Twin

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I don’t know about you, but 2013 has been a pretty big year for all sorts of reasons.. We are in the midst of interesting times. Stuff is changing and we are at the forefront of that change.

There’s been highs and lows. Perhaps at times you felt you’ve been pushing a sizeable boulder up hill one moment and in the next it’s like you’re white water rafting and being guided by the current of life. Cruising the universal flow and riding it with grace and ease. I will acknowledge that you might just be lost in the woods. Dense, thick woods, with no compass, and you’re flopped on the ground, your only thoughts being “where the hell am I and how do I get out”, with panic rising.

No matter where you are at right now, be it right in the middle of a murky muddy puddle, flat strap and exhausted or sitting pretty with the contentment of a Cheshire cat, chances are at some point you’ve lost something.

No. Im not talking about your car keys.

Im talking about loosing a loved one, an income, a respected position, an opportunity, someone’s trust or the trust in yourSelf, maybe even a foundational part of your identity. Loss come’s in all shapes and sizes and what may seem insignificant to others may be quite big for the person experiencing it.

We don’t talk about loss much.. We have been brainwashed and programmed to always “have to be” happy. What if happiness is also allowing the experience of our emotions in all their forms to speak to us?

We find the “bad” feelings irritating, wrong, perhaps shameful. We can’t wait for the big grey cloud to pass.  Maybe living in the past and longing for how it used to be. Or reviewing over and over occasions when we moved through previous challenges before. This just seems to get us stuck more. Yet we store lovely little nuggets of gold inside us, full of knowledge and wisdom that we can draw on.


You know, I’ve noticed something, the times we’ve created change internally or externally, making ourselves anew, is never the same process the next time round. It’s unique to that time and place. Unique to who you were then. We can seek comfort in it, use the skills we learnt, but we can never reproduce, in a nice tidy step by step replica format of how to get out of the discomfort.

And why do we expect ourselves to? Brandishing our little hearts even more when we attempt to use old methods for new tricks?

Why not just be the Observer. Watching it all move, churn and pass through you. Even just out of intrigue. Isn’t it part of the experience of life?

Tarot Aloneness-400

That “Watcher”, is your Higher Self, the version of the person you are in physical reality, but with broader perspective and point of view. It’s like your twin, but it’s the one that is standing on the mountain top, and you’re the one in the valley. You’re communicating all the time, even if you are unaware of it. And as you can imagine, the Mountain Top Twin has a great view of the landscape and what’s going on for you inside and out. The Higher Self is always willing and ready to guide you though a challenge. A loss.

At first talking to the Mountain Top Twin will be a little like learning a new language. Soon though, you will be nattering on with ease. See, your “Watcher” distills information from your Soul/Spirit in a way that your personality can understand it. It’s like a translator. You’re job is to do your best in perceiving the message, assisting you in navigating those uncomfortable waters.


We all choose to adventure differently. No one way is wrong or right. And as we journey we change, develop and grow. Have patience with your Self.

I know you know all this stuff anyway. I’m just talking out loud.

Much love.

One Comment to “Loss and the Mountain Top Twin”

  1. This is another part of the ebb and flow story (5 signs you are in transition) – the loss can be as simple as the loss of the last high spot on the cycle just as much as the deeper losses you mention, the symptoms are the same for me at least.
    Until our session on Wednesday, I had never considered that every time we change/transition back on up that it is different and cannot be replicated. Yep, spent way too much time trying the old methods/formulae and getting frustrated and more depressed wondering why they don’t work!
    I now have a new paradigm for my relationship with my Watcher and whole new areas of my life we can explore together.

    Thanks to the (I know I say it every time and it is still the truth) beautiful way you have of offering this information in a way I can easily identify with and that aligns uncannily with my own experiences, I am finding myself more and more at ease and confident in whatever place I find myself – You have my most humble gratitude.

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