Hunting Happy.

Living With Soul


It’s been a busy couple of years. Oh so much fun! And hard work, effort, dedication, love, laughter, learnings. I have not wished it away. In fact, I have invited it! Bring it all to me, full pelt, at my face! Splat. Just so I can lick it off and taste it.

Why has it been so good? Well, I’ve been hunting Happy.

I dunno about you, but I was taught by all matter of sources along my almost 32yrs, that you “get happy”. And you “get happy” by first doing X,Y,Z. As a young adult, I was so puzzled by buddhist and other teachings that suggest you choose happy as a way of be-ing, and then naturally more happiness will flow to you.

Huh? How on earth do you do happy when you just want to wall up in a cave far far away. When stuff seems to come with clauses and attachments but disguised as “Happiness”?

Confused is the word I would use to describe how I felt reading those teachings, as it also went against everything I had been taught about living and happiness.

And the fact that whilst I was open to the “be happy first” concept – there was no instruction manual on how to do that!


One day a couple of years ago I woke up pigheaded stubborn (as my Nonno like to describe me) making the decision that I would hunt happiness down. Like a Bounty Hunter, my radar was on. This is the conclusive summary of what I found….You be the judge.

Begin living based solely on how you want to feel on the inside.

Begin to recognise what lights you up. What makes your heart race with happiness. What gets you all sparkly and energised and enthused. Regardless if it’s a big or small action or choice, the goods start here. So sniff it out.

Do it. Then do it more. And more…. And more.

The “WANTED” posters have been describing the appearance of Happiness wrong. It is not something you get. It is something you Be. Which means something you have to participate in, but you’re the one calling the Happiness shots.

The doing can look like anything. Writing, reading, researching, joining clubs, groups, volunteering, committing to further study, changing careers, or changing perspectives, summoning bravery and sticking your head out a little to do the passion filled stuff you love to do. If it makes you feel nervous and scared, in a good way – do it!

Or if right now, that’s all just too much, spend time on centring, on being still, listening to that guidance – you know the little quiet voice. This is a step in the happy direction too.

Yep. There is a band of disguises happiness comes in. And often it’s in the unsuspecting acts.

You don’t have to know the ending. You just need to align yourSelf to You! What you stand for. What you wish to create. Who You Are. And do it with integrity. One thing leads on to the next. The adventure evolves and is revealed along the way. Follow your Happy Heart Compass……


Say no to certain behaviours, activities, events. Or focus on them less. Now, this stuff here –  this is the De-coy. Don’t be fooled by the pretty packaging. What’s inside that box is nothing but a wind-up monkey that farts and sells empty peanut shells, leaving you hungry.

Leading with how we want to feel means getting happy first! Calling more of the happy in. When you’re Be-ing the happy, it means that you’ve been do-ing the happy.

Studying, work, home life, friendships, relationships shouldnt ever be a drag. They may pose challenges for you to embrace rather than resist, but if that load is ten tons heavy, and you’re working your butt to do XYZ , cause when it’s done you’ll be “Happy”, well, be warned, these are the Clauses in the fine print, that come on the back of the Farting Monkey Happiness box.


Happiness has a gang too – he rides with friends Committed, Focused and Consistent. To action the happy as an expression of Who You Are, is like turning the key in the engine. Once you kick her over, magic of epic proportions can be created!  So energetically align yourSelf to your dream, and rev that engine.

Focusing your energy on building the new, rather than glossing  what no longer serves you is where the excitement is at. Seriously, its the best dinner party you’ll ever go to.  Loving and appreciating what you have right now in the palm of your hand, and really feeling that gratitude, is like rocket fuel for your soul, which amps up the creative action manifesting machine that you are in charge of.

In the past we have been duped and hoodwinked. Billboards, advertisements, programming a plenty, we now see through you. And it’s your rotting fish stench, your bitter taste, and how our tummy grumbles with hunger no matter how much we binge on what you’re selling that’s giving you away. Pack up shop. You. Are. Done. 

Your soul transcends time and space, it does not exist Out There, beyond you in some elusive tropical island. It resides within you! The future you, the one that you really want to unleash is sitting in your Heart waiting patiently for you to say you are ready.

Go for it. Embrace all of Who You Are. Turn your radar on. Be Happy first. Give yourSelf permission to create a living based solely on how you want to feel.

Many blessings. ;) x


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