Check out Your Energy!



Hey you, sitting reading this right now, have you taken any notice of your energy field today? Why don’t you now? I will help you if you need a little help, just take my guidance and make it your own, cause you know yourSelf best.

First I will just jot a few bits down about our energy field and how we use it to communicate and receive information. And how sometimes it can go a little bit wonky.

Whether you embrace it or not, we’ve all got an energy field that surrounds our body.  I have come to know my energy field as part of my body now too, or an extension of it and no longer view it as some “spiritual or mystical” idea, but I guess it’s still that too.

We are such rad little packages us humans! Full of divine beauty and contradictions. Sometimes it can get a little bit confusing trying to decipher all the message we receive at once. You know when your head is hearing or saying one thing, but your heart is suggesting something else, or even when you just get a “feeling” that stuff isn’t adding up. Like when you are in the company of others, and they are saying one thing, but you seem to “pick up” underlying information intuitively that suggests something else all together. Can get confusing huh. Now I don’t pretend to have the answer, I’ve just got suggestions that you may like to use and could also help you out.

As we all know the physical universe is completely comprised of energy. Things that appear to be solid and separate from one another are actually not, we just have an under developed capacity to be able to perceive “solid matter” in their atomic and sub atomic form. But, we are all vibratory beings, which is why we are able to “feel” or “sense” someones energy and mood for example. I’m sure you can think of plenty of examples when you have perceived unseen information, possibly today even!

Energy is information and it vibrates at different rates depending on its density or evolution. Ice for example is water at a lower vibratory speed, therefore in that form it appears solid, however as it increases in vibration the composition of the water changes. Steam is also water vibrating at a rapid speed and in this form it appears tranlucent and misty.


Thoughts and emotions also have a vibration and they are what we colour ourselves with, which is then what we project. Thoughts and emotions are also what we “pick up” providing information and insight into people, places, environments, objects etc. Thought and emotion is a relatively fine, light form of energy and holds a certain vibratory frequency depending of the type we chose to participate in. The marrying of thought and feeling produces a magnetic energy which is then what we project.

Now,  because of the work that I do during the day (case management, social workie kinda stuff) and because I am receptive, I “pick up” a lot of different energy. I have the honour of  going into families homes during the day, and sometimes I have to attend a variety of meetings as well, so Im exposed to an array of information that can sit in my body (energy body). You know when you can be feeling really clear and centred and then be exposed to a certain circumstance or person and you come away feeling heavy, foggy, anxious?  It can also have the opposite effect as well, and you are brightened, lifted and inspired. Well, you possibly are still carrying around those vibrations in your field or you have lowered or raised and matched the vibration you were just in.


I was wondering do you have a method or process of clearing that energy and re-centreing yourSelf? Since becoming increasingly aware of mine and other energy, I am realising just how important it is to take responsibility for what I am projecting and what I am receiving and what I choose to do with it.

If you would like to just sit now, close your eyes, take three rhythmic breathes and centre yourSelf to the centre of your Being. Continue to take rhythmic breathes and begin to first take notice of your body. Now shift your awareness to your energy body. Become aware of how your physical body is enveloped in it, feel how far out it extends from your physical body. Now intuitively “feel” “sense” any stagnant energy, what does it look like, how information does it hold for you, if any?

There are a variety of ways that you can process and shift that energy, and I am sure you already have a few methods that you already use. Breathing, and breath work, spending time in nature are just two of many different forms I could share with you. Its about finding one that you are comfortable with.

Let me know if this topic interests you and if you’d like more insight into it, and I’d love to hear about how you pick up energy and what you do with it!

Here’s to an awesome week!


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