Taking time to Get in the gROOOVE

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Okay, C’mon, play a game with me.

Its only going to be a quick game. It will take a couple moments of your time.

I want you to think of something that irks you. That gets under your skin, something that makes you feel, just by turning your thoughts in its direction, yuck. Perhaps it is something you have experienced before. Or maybe it’s a potential possibility that is lurking in the peripherals of your life and you are doing your best to keep it at bay. Whatever it is, I bet you noticed you began to feel not so nice….. all over.

Now, I want you to sink your Self into something yummy. Really dive in to the juiciness and direct your thoughts into imagining something you enjoy, or something you would really like to enjoy. Yep, lap it up. See it, feel it, smell it even! What are you doing? How are you feeling in this delicious day dream? Create a mini movie that’s just for you and you are the main character.

That is visualisation. And we use it all the time, even when we are not consciously aware we are using it. I’m sure you know what I mean. Ever find yourself in repetitive thought patterns? Sometimes not so good ones? Me too. But for a while now I’ve been catching myself and those little slippery suckers out. Pulling those not so great thoughts and daydreams up and showing them the door. Why? Because it has become very apparent to me that they are a significant driving force in being able to create the kind of life I wish to create.

Did you notice how when you were consciously taking the time to think the not so great thoughts your whole body began to feel tight, constricted, heavy, anxious even. Perhaps you held your breath, or it became shallow and your shoulders and forehead tensed? However you experience it, I bet it’s not much fun.

What about when you were swimming in goodness? How did you feel then? Light, energised, motivated, connected? Did your body feel relaxed, excited, calm and centred? Was your breathing regular and even?

It’s amazing how quickly are body responds to our thoughts. It talks to us all the time. Feelings and emotions are the language we can use to be able to discern they type of thought we are thinking or the energetic environment we are within or creating.


You see, we are just one giant big antenna. Whatever we put out into the universe will be reflected back to you. The old, “As you sow, so shall you reap” adage.  We do this through our thoughts, which are connected to how we feel and this is radiated out into the world around you. Invisible radio waves sending signals to the universe.

One of the natural principals of energy is that energy of a certain quality or vibration tends to attract energy of a similar quality and nature. Whatever your “channel” is most frequently set to, you are likely to match and attract similar experiences, people, places, activities that meet and reflect your energy.

This makes paying attention to our thoughts pretty important then, right? Could I even go as far as saying that daydreaming, visualising, imagining should be factored into our day like brushing our teeth is? I think so.

Spending time visualising and setting an intention for more loving, authentic relationships, dazzling opportunities and greater abundance with a side dose of clarity and guidance allows you to open yourSelf up to a brand new perception of how your life can be. And what happens next is alchemy.

Take some time to get into your special kind of groove. Go inward for a few minutes. Be guided by what feels right for you. Begin to notice your thoughts, your feelings, your body during the day. Get back to you.


Much Love x

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