Change is a funny thing….

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Change is a funny thing. It can come in all sorts of ways. It can seep in slowly or with a giant unexpected thud. It can create discomfort or excitement, anticipation or contentment, or it can be all of those things at once.

I hadn’t spent a lot of time thinking about change until I noticed that my life didn’t look or feel like me. In fact, I felt more like a visiting alien stuck in an unfamiliar and foreign land confused at how I came to be there and looking for the escape route button. With no available intergalactic map or GPS to punch directions into it dawned on me that if I had created this “mess” I could also “tidy” it up as well. Phew! And well, there wasn’t anyone else who would be able to do it, create a ME life as well as me.

So I started wondering about the times I had instigated change and with just a casual flick through my mind I noted that all sorts of change occurred and that it happened in different ways. See, sometimes change occurs so subtly you don’t realize that change is occurring, other times change occurs because you’ve willed change into your life, you’ve actioned it, you’ve set the intention and taken the steps to bring that breezy fresh air into being. Just like magic! And maybe a good dose of focus, commitment and alignment as well.

This kind of change, the conscious type has caught my fascination, it has captured me entirely and I’ve traded my obsession of chocolate paddle pops in with an obsession of creation, and the awareness of it.  And it seems there are many jazzy names for this kind of “arts and craft”, the one I quite like is called Conscious Creation.

I like the word creation. I envisage all sorts of wild exploration.  The feeling of being lost in the moment or entirely present and then revitalised from the buzz you get when you’re in that kinda flow. Breathing life into something that was within you, an idea, a thought, an urge. To me a creative endeavour can be a walk in the woods or swim in the ocean, a mix media painting, planting a garden, dancing like mad women (or man!) to music in the kitchen whilst cooking delectable delights, playing a sport, day dreaming (especially day dreaming!) taking the scenic coastal route over the highway or simply making caterpillars out of egg cartons with your little people.

It had just dawned on me – Life is creation! Fancy that!  (yes, I tend to be somewhat slow) The freedom and aliveness I felt in that moment of realisation was sublime. And from then hence I began to plot how I wanted to creatively and consciously design my own life.

Boy, am I a beginner at this. I notice I still get stuck in ruts, muddy puddles and deep dark wells…. But I am beginning to get faster at pulling myself out of them. Or just realising I wasn’t really in one to start with! I just THOUGHT I was. Darrrh.

But I do have to say, with a level of commitment I think I am starting to get the hang of it. I don’t seem to be “falling off the bike” as much as I was in the beginning. And I was falling off the bike too many times a day to count!

Now I’m not necessarily talking about creating something big, flashy and grand, but for sure, if that’s what you’re after go ahead! Im leaning more towards making my life, right now in this moment exactly how I wish it to be – cause well, I figure I have the power to do that.

So how do you create? Or perhaps more importantly, what is your hideaway heart whispering to you? Sink into the juiciness of connecting and bathe in the delight of creating and re-creating and expressing your awesome Self!

Blessings to you.

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