Intuitive Leadership Mentoring

Intuitive Leadership Mentoring Program

A 12-week intuitive & energetic development training program specifically designed for coaches, healers, soul-based business owners or anyone deeply feeling the call to expand and harness their natural intuitive abilities.

This leadership and development program covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of understanding your own intuitive and energetic system and developing your natural abilities and competency at tuning in to the energy of others and all things – physical and non-physical.

It is a course that will not only strengthen your own vibrational system, connecting you more deeply with your Soul Self, purpose and inner guidance, it will also increase your sensitivity and ability to support your clients or work team in their own self exploration and soul evolution. Remember – we’re all in this together!

This is a 12-week intensive. While there will be a lot of information covered in a short amount of time, a strong foundation will be established for you to build upon. However, it does require you to focus yourSelf and commit to the content, exploration and adventure it will open up for you.

The course has been intentionally developed to first bring your awareness to your own unique make up, allowing you to further understand and develop upon your strengths.

You will also be called to explore your personal beliefs and how they may be potentially blocking your growth and expansion not only in your intuitive abilities but also within yourSelf and life. This self exploration is the only foundation from which any person can solidly expand upon.

The content…

The modules will provide you with multi-faceted tools such as reflective questioning, theoretical information, energetic and channelling activities, videos and meditations to encourage and support you to move outside any of your current paradigms and into the container of your larger leading edge Self.

From here we more deeply explore your vibrational nature, your toroidal structure and heart intelligence, developing your self trust by learning to discern the difference between your Human Self and Soul Self and the purpose, wisdom and guidance of each.

Finally, we move into preparing you to practically move out into the world and do the work.

Whether your soul work is currently within a work place or you run your own business (or are in the transitionary phase between the two) this course is here to support you in a deeply practical way.

Intuitive Leadership Development

From knowing how to structure and energetically grid lay your vision and/or client session and business framework to  supporting a person in crisis or confusion, tuning into a person energetically, reading frequency and picking up blocks in people, a workplace or business to realign.

And finally, self care and boundaries to close out the program.

This is a comprehensive course that will be super fulfilling and fun while at the same time personally challenging and expanding.

Below is the 12 week outline. Each Module will run for 2 weeks.

There is a limited number of placements available.  This course is specifically for the Change Agents who feel intuitively ready to expand and evolve further into themSelves and leadership capacities and discover more of their unique gifts, creative abilities and purpose.

You may already have your own soul or intuitively-based business, be a coach, guide or mentor within a workspace or just hold a deep knowing of your innate intuitive and spiritual abilities and are ready to harness those further.

How we’ll move through the course:

  • Each module will be explored over 2 weeks with a fortnightly webinar providing training and questions and answers specific to the module’s content.
  • In Module One and Module Six there will be a webinar each week:  the introductory welcome, tune in and channelling in week one of Module One, and closing channelling, group tune in and opportunity to share and debrief in week two of Module Six.
  • Each webinar will be recorded and uploaded to that week’s course content for you to access should you be unable to join the live webinar.
  • There will be an opportunity to have a minimum of 1 one hour session with myself over Skype, with the potential for another session depending on applicant numbers.
  • There will also be a Resources section where additional supportive tools will be available for you to access and continually added to.

My intention for this course is to teach and hold space for your growth and evolution, consciously investing myself in the elevation of you. I desire to personally get to know you and where you’re at within your adventure and to do my best in supporting and assisting your own exciting unfolding.

Course investment is $850 with payment options available.

The Intuitive Leadership Mentoring Program will start on Monday 22nd May with last week being Monday 14th August.

Should you feel the call to join this course please email me directly

Email Lauren

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Course Outline

Pre-Course preparation

This will be sent to you before Module 1

  •  Preparing for the fun, adventurous and expansive journey that lies ahead.
  • Preparation meditation
  • Guidance on creating ritual and routine and supportive self care

Module One
// Blasting Myths & Perceptions //

  • How much do you believe in You? Exploring your own personal beliefs and parameters around your intuitive and energetic capabilities and your connection to your Soul Self
  • Downloading specific soul intelligence about Who You Are and your role in the world right now
  • Introduction to energetic system
  • Clearing & Cleansing meditation

Module Two
// Integration & Activation //

  • Introduction to Bio-Resonance, Heart Intelligence & consciously exploring your torus
  • Working with your Chakras
  • Energetic activities for Mind, Body, Soul integration and activation

Module Three
// Connecting to your Higher Wisdom & Soul Self //

  • Tools on Cultivating Presence & Connection
  • Knowing how to distinguish between your Humans Self and Soul Self
  • Plugging in to your Emerging Self & Leading Vibrational Reality
  • Receiving guidance and direction from your Soul Self on what is required of you and your life to move into alignment and personal resonance
  • Honouring and supporting the grieving process of change

Module Four
// Introduction to Frequency // 

  • Learning to read your own and other energies
  • Identifying the ways you intuit unseen data
  • Developing your personal Intuitive Profile
  • Harnessing the skill of expanding and contracting streams of information.

Module Five
// Reading Energy //

  • Accessing and aligning to the vibrational instruction and life of your business or vision and downloading the guidance and framework for it
  • Preparing for a client session
  • Developing a framework for your client session or intuitively downloading and mapping out the steps from where you are to where you’re Emerging Self is positioned
  • Tuning in and connecting with your clients energy
  • Being in the state of listening / receiving

Module Six
// Reading Energy //

  • Picking up blocks in a persons physical / emotional / mental or spiritual layers. Or within a “system” such as a business or work place
  • Supporting your client to re-align
  • Understanding a person or systems readiness and working with that

Closing Care

  • Exploring Self Care and understanding how to support the needs of You
  • Navigating burnout
  • Closing channelling for group

Should you feel the call to join this course please email me directly

Email Lauren

If you are interested and would like to receive more information over coming weeks please sign up here

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