So nice to know you’ve magically stumbled your way to my little online home.

Come in. Sit down. Grab a cup of tea and settle in. You are here for a reason.


I am a teacher, writer and guide on all things intuition and energy.

Whether you’re feeling the inner niggles of your own internal awakening, sensing the rapid expansion of your Soul Self and feeling the pinching human fear because of it (hello, Human Self!) but you’re ready to boldly take the adventure. Or you’ve been denying your psychic, spiritual and intuitive nature knowing now is the time to really step into You and your own intuitive gifts and abilities, then you’ve come to the right place!

I’ve spent my whole life completely and utterly besotted with exploring the mysterious mechanics of all things intuition, energy and soul. The premise that everything is alive captured me because from as early as I can remember.

You see, I pick up the energy emissions, stories and soul potentials off my surrounding since I was a gangly girl. As a young child, teen then young woman I was aware and sensitive to the fact that I was much larger than my physical form, as was everyone else! I would perceive information off people, landscapes, businesses and objects. I could ‘see’ and sense past experiences, beliefs, divine potentialities and life paths along with  personal misalignments in others and as brilliant and confronting as it was at times – also within mySelf.

The best thing is – it’s not a special gift specific to me! Everyone is born with the ability to tune in and harness their intuitive and energetic skills.

How do I know this?

Well, because my skills and abilities in this arena have only developed and grown with practise and conscious alignment, which means you can expand in this area too!

We are so much more than our physical body and thinking mind. We’re at one of the most incredible and pivotal times in our human evolution where our innate cosmic nature is inviting us to harness our higher, subtle but incredibly potent and important energetic abilities!

Your intuitive and energetic system has been guiding you your whole life and perhaps now is the time you are ready to understand and harness it for yourself.

What lights me up?

  • Supporting you in connecting with your internal compass and teaching you how to understand and harness your own natural intuitive and energetic system so you can powerfully navigate your life.
  • Supporting other healers, coaches, energy workers to further deepen their own intuitive, psychic and energetic skills so they can turn up and support their community more deeply.
  • To create beautiful, purposeful tools and bodies of information to generate awareness and connectivity.
  • To wildly live the adventure!


In fully honouring your (and my own) energetic and conscious expansion and awakening I want to acknowledge that the journey and adventure isn’t always easy.

It can be scary and isolating at times.

And that is exactly why I created Inner Hue. A safe haven for you to open up and unravel and understand the crazy, wild and brilliant with you. A resource centre where you can explore your own unique being in your own space and time. And a place to come together as a global village, connecting and raising each other up.

This is your thrilling adventure! And once you’ve got a foothold into You – you’ll be set for the whole life ride. Truly.

When I haven’t been Spirit-ing, here’s what else I’ve been up to…

  • I’ve adventured North and worked and lived on an island in a remote Aboriginal Communities. That equaled to mind blowing and a barrel full learning of the most awesome kind. Don’t even get me started…
  • I’ve Youth Worked and worked in Government agencies.
  • I’ve delivered Accredited Training Programs in Community Services for the marginalised and unemployed.
  • And had my socks knocked off day after day as a Case Manager in a unique and leading Family Support Organisation.
  • Im a mumma of 3. The Elven Woodland Warrior. The Jewelled Sea Fairy and The Unruly Laughing Pixie.
  • And, I am an Intuitive that sees just how magnificent and genius you are.

To sum me up…

I am fractionally left of centre. Quirky could be my middle name.

I’m super okay with laughter, tears, frustration, anger and vulnerability.

I have a knack for balancing the “airy fairy” side of Spirituality with practical, tried and tested tools fit for you!

I collect earthly treasures. My home is filled with snail shells, rocks and feathers.

I believe without a doubt that our intuitive and energetic capabilities are the “next frontier” in our human evolution, leading us towards sustainable and transformative change globally.



If you’re not ready just yet to work with me but you’d like to poke around and explore yourSelf whilst secretly deciding if you vibe with my vibe then you may like to check these resources out…

  • The Soul School Monthly compilation e-book is your DIY adventure. A much loved comprehensive series where you’re able to delve into your inner worlds at your own pace.
  • Lumina Tarot and Connected & Free might be for you if you’re seeking so beautiful high vibing tools.
  • Into the Woods is your baby if you’re really ready to plug in and elevate into your Soul Self. By exploring your personal cycle of growth, seasons and archetypes you’ll come to understand how your unique intuitive language speaks to you, guiding you full fledge into the depths of yourSelf and purpose.