Full Moon Channelling from the Cosmic Crew










My guides brought this little Full Moon guidance in for you all. :)


As the moon rises so must you.

Do not fear.

Any discomfort of rising emotions you may be experiencing are what we would call growing pains.

For some are being stretched and awakened to a capacity they have not been stretched and awaked to before.

For others, you have been building momentum to soar.

Regardless, the change is inevitable.

This has been a period of deep transformation and awakening. Of dramatic shifts and the integrations of shadows and your greater Being. A period of time that commenced in what you call 2012.

Here now heralds the opening of a new door.

Each of you carry a unique coding that you have been slowly accessing, guiding you to make seemingly non-sensical changes within your life.

We wish to assure you it has not been illogical or random. But measured and to plan.

The accelerated energy you are about to be immersed in will rapidly flow you towards your grandest intention.

And here is what we wish to make clear….








Ensure your intention reflects your highest truth and desires for yourself but also extends beyond your life – to ALL life. You will receive whatever you emit.

Make peace with your shadow, it is there to support you. It is your fossil fuel when integrated.

Disconnect from all behaviours that no longer serve you. You know what they are by how you feel.

And so, it is time for you to turn downstream.

You are not even your most current thought about yourSelf. You have moved beyond even that.

You are ALL the grandness you have refused to accept. And it is time now for you to begin to embrace.

This will take you forward.

This is the consciousness shift.

In highest blessings and love, from us, “The Cosmic Crew”.


Happy New Moon Folks. :)

Lauren xx

5 Comments to “Full Moon Channelling from the Cosmic Crew”

  1. Lauren every single post speaks to me more and more, as if intended completely for me. I think this is possibly my favourite so far & they just seem to be getting better and better. I get so excited when I check my inbox and see you have posted a new piece! Thank you again for sharing xo absolute perfection!

  2. This spoke to me on so many levels, thank you for sharing. As I take a deep breath in, I get chills of excitement from what is in store for me & for all of us out there taking the time to listen to our inner Selves. I’m so glad i found you on IG!

  3. I am planning on keeping true and honest. Emotionally I have been more dreamesque and fantasies are more appealing than what is around me. Just a little hopeful for my future. Happy full moon!

  4. I found your website via Instagram and I was drawn to your beautiful tarot deck. You have a gift. This blog really resinates with me. Thank you, I will practise to only emit my highest desires and truths and stay clear of thoughts and actions that do not elevate my higher self.

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