INSIGHTFUL & (kinda) CONTROVERSIAL – Why there’s no Index in the Oracle Book. (Plus a step by step intuitive oracle guide)

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So… I’ve been waiting for this. A beautiful seeking soul recently came knock knock knocking at my door asking….

“Am I missing something? There doesn’t seem to be an index or alphabetical order to the Oracle book?”

Bless. And no, there is nothing missing…
I didn’t include an index, nor any strong structure around the order and flow of the channelled guidance within the book.

Yep. None.

How does that make you feel? A little lost? Out at sea? Confused?

I know. I am sorry for that. But you see… I’m here to support you in getting in touch with your natural intuitive abilities and internal self trust and belief…. not enable you to continue to heavily rely on an external support.

But I do get it. Logically it “makes sense” to have a system, a structure, an index to the oracle book.
It creates ease when you need to find out what the heck that card means right?! I know it….

But… I’ve been a sneaky sausage.

I haven’t included an index because I wanted to create a S P A C E between you and the external, already formed answer we all quickly seek above and beyond our own intuitive knowing and guidance.

I am asking you to go off the beaten track. Into your own woods. To more deeply connect and strengthen your intuitive wisdom.

The cards are visual prompts that will speak to you, eliciting, evoking and stirring up soul juices. It is your job to allow the whispers of your own internal knowing to come to the surface.

That means there needs to be a presence within yourSelf and a pause before you race to the book for guidance.

How could I do this I pondered? What is a simple and non threatening way I can allow a
“g-a-p” so natural flourishing goodness could rise up?

What I came up with was non structure.











But going against the grain doesn’t mean I’ve left you stranded out on your own intuitively – hell no!

I created a guide book that gives clear, informative guidance prior to the cards channelled messages, and some extra “hot tips” to support you in being able to access your own internal system.

You see – if I am doing “my job” properly I am here to gently steer you toward a new way of aligning yourSelf. A more real and lasting way of getting in touch with You.. that you develop yourSelf rather than attempt to fit into.

From what I’ve learnt.. and keep on learning, is we put a self belief “cap” on how receptive and perceptive we are!! The old saying – “If you think you can you can, and if you think you cant you’re right” also applies here!

Me, the intuitively obsessed comes up against resistance and a self belief “cap” on what I think I am able to tap into, know, receive. It feels like a brick wall I just cant seem to break through… Is that how it feels for you too?

Then I recognise what I am doing…

I am believing and buying into a constructed and continually reinforced belief that something outside of me knows more about me than myself! And it’s simply not true. So I soften, relax and whammy – I’m in. In full colour, full feeling and clarity. Yes!

So…. everything I do, everything I will share with you, EVERYTHING I will create will be about supporting you to find your own way to tune in, open up, create the space and deepen your connection to YOU and your soul’s wisdom.











As for the Connected & Free guide book – well, it only takes a couple more moments to flip through and find the card you need. No big problem-o, right?

So here is a little run down of what I want you to do when you are playing with your cards….

  • Identify your question, challenge, issue. Get clear on it. If you are having trouble putting it into a words, develop are clear feeling.
  • Make sure you are taking the position of the watcher / observer. This means, don’t be caught up emotionally in the story your telling or outcome you’re wanting.
  • Start, simply by asking “What do I need to know now?” This allows for you to receive any pertinent guidance to support you where you’re at.
  • Feel what part of the deck your fingers / hand is being guided toward. This will feel like a pull, tingle or warm sensation. Draw the card.
  • Look at the card. Be present. Be the observer And simply notice what thoughts, images, feelings immediately arise without censorship. Feel how your inner guidance and knowing responds.
  • When you’re ready move on to the next card and question.
  • Shift your energy slightly so that it embodies your next question in relation to the topic at hand.
    This may be….
  • What can I do to support me?
    What is my next step?
    How can I navigate this situation?
  • Notice how your energy is still embodying the situation but it has shifted it’s point of focus slightly. Feel this. Then pull a card. Repeat the process of being present with the card and allowing soul and universal guidance to come forth.
  • You may find that there are more than one “steps”. You will know this by a guided urge to continue pull another card. When your internal guidance system and intuitive wisdom has shared with you the supportive guidance steps it feels would be helpful to you, then move on.
  • You are now ready to begin looking at what the outcome may look like…Your question now may be something like..
  • If I embody and embrace this intuitive and practical guidance how will I feel? What will the outcome be?
  • Once again, shift your energy and focused intention to a feeling that matches you having embraced the intuitive guidance plan you’ve received above (so you should be feeling pretty balanced and content within your energy) and pull the final card.
  • Once again… allow the messages to naturally come forth within you.


Working this way means that you can receive a different message each time you pull the same card. This is YOUR  Initiation. (Photo via Tara Bliss)

As for the channelled messages within the guide book – they are complimentary support. So turn to them after you’ve received your own answers.

That little love bomb of Oracle goodness is in your hands now – OWN THEM! Make them yours! Add to the guidance provided. Alter it. Or scrap it. That would make me beyond happy!

Regardless of whether you’re an old hand at the this intuitive business or a newbie – my message (and support ) will always be the same. And that is….

You are a crazy magnificent energetic and spiritual being, that has a perfect guidance system that ALWAYS knows what you need and how to support you best. Trust it!

Im not going to baby you. I’m here to empower you!!

I’m going to do a video blog on this (eek!) so I can give you further support.

If you have questions you’d like answers for email me! Or… comment below.

Big love to you folk!


7 Comments to “INSIGHTFUL & (kinda) CONTROVERSIAL – Why there’s no Index in the Oracle Book. (Plus a step by step intuitive oracle guide)”

  1. You are right, I LOVE it!

    And it was the answer I KNEW it would be! I hardly look at the book at all, these cards have such a strong voice to me. (Which is a shame because the book is SO beautiful too).

    Biggest love to you


  2. Oh so sneaky ;) I had wondered if there was a reason not to have the index and now I see why. Which is just as well because I always race to the guide book and sometimes feel deflated when it doesn’t align with what my intuition was tell me. I definitely feel a strong connection to these cards so it only makes sense that I trust my own feelings.
    Thanks for sharing honey xxx

  3. Your cards are truly stunning. I’ve used mine a few times over the past couple of weeks and I’ve had many comments on the design. You have created something very special with them! I’m in LOVE!!

  4. Lauren this is brilliant. I love the way you write, and you are totally on the money – we already know all the answers. I must admit that when I first began shuffling and plucking cards I was always trying to line up the answer I wanted and run to the guide book. Naturally, as I’ve grown I’ve given my intuition more and more space to show up and I realise that the message one card may hold may differ and the only way to know what inspired action to take is to truly tune in and feel the answer. Letting our innate wisdom come to the surface when consulting the cards, as you’ve so ingeniously designed, is a much better way to sharpen our own set of tools. Thank you for your light, you’re a gem. C.x

  5. Love this!

    I have been diving into this month’s Soul School e-book (heart filled with gratitude!), and I experienced the kind of self-belief “cap” you spoke about in this post while I was starting to answer the journaling prompts. Initially, I thought to myself, “Well, I haven’t been intuitive today, so I’m not going to answer those questions. I’ll answer the question about an intuitive moment from my past instead…” Haha. Then *something* (my intuition, perhaps?) nudged me to answer ALL the prompts, and when I actually started examining how I had been intuitive TODAY, I realized that I had pages and pages of intuitive examples and insights to list. I was truly shocked!

    I realized that I had been operating from an extremely narrow and limited definition of what ‘counted’ as intuition– a self belief “cap” of how receptive I really was. Because of my narrow definition, I was totally discrediting and disregarding my own intuitive wisdom! Yikes! Now I see how my intuition flows to me practically non-stop. :) Thank you so much for making it your mission to empower us rather than coddle us, Lauren. I am truly starting to step into my own Self with your guidance, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it. (I can’t wait to get home to Canada and finally start using my new oracle cards, too! I’ve been prepped about the no-index thing now, so I’ll be ready to consult my own feelings first.)

  6. I love this post!!!!
    And now I’m off to buy the deck immediately :) can’t wait to work with your beautiful cards and channel my inner wisdom xxx

  7. Oh Lauren…you are a GENIUS!!!! I cant believe how much sense you always make. All of my previous card sets have always said “use this book only as a guide. Let your own intuition tell you your own meaning” yet in numerical/alphabetical order they make it WAY to easy read rather than ‘feel’!!! You are amazing and so very inspiring to me. Thank you for being your awesome special self. :D xo

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